Cancer Survivorship Care Plans and Personalised Medicine

The concept of Survivorship Care Plans will be new to many patients. Some of you may remember the old-style GP who had continuity of care with you and your family. With the formation of medical conglomerates, commercialisation and the necessary time constraints, this way of practising medicine became obsolete. It was replaced with what many of our cancer patients call assembly line medicine.

As an independent organisation, the Grace Gawler institute’s Survivorship Care Plans aim to put the person back into personalised medicine. We bridge the gap between oncology and personalised health care.

By embracing the latest of genomic science, we aim to maintain a continuous, long-term, supportive therapeutic relationship with each patient; a marriage of the old and the new.

Survivorship Care Plan Patients endorse weekly Video Consultations.

The Grace Gawler InstitutePersonalised Medicine requires regular connection with patients. Here is what they say about weekly 30 min check ins.

Chas – “Speaking to you weekly really does give us a psychological pick up that is very much needed when dealing with a Brain tumour!”

Yvonne –  “Since I took advantage of Grace’s weekly 30 min video consultations instead of monthly video consultations my hope and mental state has improved significantly.”

Alison – “I feel very spoiled (as well as very lucky) to have you for 30 mins on a weekly basis. I always feel wonderful for several days afterwards and look forward to the next week.”

Michael and Janice – “My husband and I benefit greatly from our weekly 30  minute video consultations with Grace. Dealing with metastatic sarcoma plus ongoing side effects was pushing us over the edge. The help and support that Grace’s weekly contact provides is priceless.”

Judi – “Grace suggested weekly calls but I thought I was coping well after my mastectomy and there was no need. I could not have been more wrong. An invaluable service.”

What is Discussed in the weekly check-in?

For new Care Plan patients; weekly 30 minute video consultations can address emotional and psychological issues whilst helping to build resilience for the cancer journey that lies ahead.

This brief weekly check-ins fulfil a different purpose than the longer video consultations where much time is spent discussing cancer treatments, genomic diagnostic results, nutritional gene results, microbiome tests  etc. 

The Concept of Personalised Medicine

Prior to your video consultation it is important you explore the concept of Personalised Cancer Medicine which forms the basis of our Survivorship Care Plans…

Many patients tell us that despite the promise of personalised cancer treatments at diagnosis time, they were surprised to be offered a one size fits all approach
The following information is designed to provide a deeper understanding of a personalised medicine approach. We suggest you use it as a checklist for assessing what you are being offered.

Personalised cancer medicine, also called precision or individualised medicine, is an evolving field in which practitioners recommend special diagnostic tests to identify specific biological markers & genomic diagnostics that help determine treatments and therapies that will work best for each patient.

Some Cancer Navigators practise Personalised or Precision Cancer Medicine and include targeted complementary medicines in their Cancer Recovery toolkit.

A personalised medicine practitioner such as Grace Gawler; skilfully combines this information with each individual’s medical records and personal circumstances to guide patients to treatments that are targeted against their specific cancer’s DNA mutations. These mutations are usually unique to each individual patient. We are already in the age of tailored cancer medicines, but unfortunately it is not offered in standard of care oncology situations.

Personalised health care practitioners assist patients and advocate on their behalf so they can access medicines that could be life-saving at best, improve life quality, wellbeing and promote life extension.

A personalised medicine practitioner helps patients to create Survivorship Plans which include:

Strategies to prevent recurrence by pre-empting disease progression, thereby recommending monitoring tests to increase chances of detecting cancer recurrence at its earliest stages.

A practitioner who applies the principles of personalised medicine will emphasise the importance of assessing & managing other health conditions not associated with a cancer diagnosis.

This is a truly holistic view of personalised patient care and can significantly increase a patient’s wellbeing throughout their cancer journey.

Overall, a personalised approached leaves no stone unturned.

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