PGx the Right Drug, for the Right Patient, at the Right Dose

About Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

The PGx test is your one test for life. The test will cover your metabolic response to medications at all stages in life and can be referred back to at any time regardless of your age or health status.

Pharmacogenomics is the analysis of how genes affect a person’s response to drugs. Most drugs are broken down (metabolised) in the body by drug-metabolising enzymes (DMEs). Specific genes code for these enzymes, and variations in these genes can cause significant differences to drug-metabolising enzymes, drug transporters and drug targets.

As everyone has a unique genetic makeup, this can affect how you will respond or react to certain medications. A medication or dose that works for one person may be ineffective or cause harmful side effects in another. 

Through pharmacogenomics testing, individualised medicine treatment plans can be developed based on each patient’s genetic makeup, to determine optimal drugs and dosages, and limit harmful side effects.

The PGx test can be performed via a kit that is sent to you. Either a mouth swab or blood sample can be used for PGx testing.

The collection kit is then returned to the laboratory via express mail. Results can take 10 -14 days are the sample is received by the Laboratory.

Our preferred pathology laboratory is based in Australia and is registered under NATA guidelines.

We can help you with providing information and how to access PGx testing via a GP or Oncologist. Contact me (Grace) for more information.

If your doctor tells you Pharmacogenomics (PGX) is too new, here is what you need to know:

Pharmacogenomics and its predecessor pharmacogenetics study the contribution of genetic factors to the inter-individual variability in drug efficacy and safety. One of the major goals of pharmacogenomics is to tailor drugs to individuals based on their genetic makeup and molecular profile.

From early findings in the 1950s uncovering inherited deficiencies in drug metabolism that explained drug-related adverse events. Pharmacogenomics is considered during the design of clinical drug trials. For just $450 you can be empowered to access PGX testing – your life may depend on it!  Contact me (Grace) now!