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Platinum Survivorship Action Plan

Be Guided on your Cancer Journey

Why do cancer patient’s need navigation via my Platinum Survivorship Action Plan?

If you are seeking a best of both worlds advisor to help you survive and thrive as you navigate the complex cancer maze, then you have come to the right place.

I offer longevity in the field of Cancer Help with almost 50 years’ experience dedicated to cancer patients and their survival.

The ultimate way I can assist you is to partner with you in my Platinum Action Plan. With my guidance you can access personalised cancer medicine now. My ethic is to treat the whole person and leave no stone unturned in your quest for health and healing.

The Grace Gawler InstituteSeize the opportunity to directly benefit from my extensive experience, qualifications, and patient knowhow.


Grace Gawler Independent Cancer Consultant

Explore personalised medicine

Some cancer patients fit into the standard of care treatment model, however even these patients can also benefit from my guidance offered in a Survivorship Action Plan.

My Platinum Plan – 15 hours of continuous services has been specifically designed to assist clients who have been diagnosed with a rare or difficult to treat cancer or a cancer recurrence and who wish to explore personalised or precision medicine and incorporate it into their treatment. Plan expires after 12 months.

A Platinum Plan offers Realistic Hope

Means exactly that – proactive cancer guidance.

No bias. I am not attached to any hospital, clinic or cancer services.

Validated cancer information:
Based on experience and opinions of cancer experts.

A Platinum Action Plan offers a continuous thread of mixed services, video calls, email help, referrals, access to genomic testing services and more.

Reduce stress and isolation:
I am a professional companion on your cancer journey.

I offer an independent and knowledgeable voice.

As your patient advocate, I broker you the best available options.

Access safe and effective complementary medicine:
An opportunity to benefit from ’old-school naturopathy’ integrated with modern scientific approaches.

Nutritional Help and Guidance:
Avoiding dietary trends by advising on targeted nutritional approaches designed for you.

Coaching in how to sort out the temptation of engaging in fake cancer cures. 

Access to second opinions:
My trusted team of medical experts are available for you.

Explore Possibilities:
Via treatment with minimally invasive value-add therapies.

Improve Communication with your oncology health professionals.

Targeted Research:
Dedicated research provided by your trusted cancer navigator.

The Platinum Action Plan aims to be a ONE-STOP-SHOP for cancer patients.

Consolidate and save your precious energy: 

My Platinum Action Plan is designed for Australia and New Zealand Patients, however if you are resident in another country – please contact me to arrange a video call to discuss how I can assist you. If you have had a video call with me I will credit this hour to your Platinum Plan.

Video sessions with me have proven to be a highly effective way of providing cancer help. 

I perform the role of counsellor, nutritionist, complementary medicine advisor/naturopath and oncology liaison representative and advocate.

You will spend less time and finances by accessing my services via the Action Plan integrative hub. Click here for more information and Terms of Service

If you are still considering if a platinum action plan is right for you, please consider the following questions:

  1. How much do you know about your cancer and cancer in general?
  2. Do you understand your diagnosis, its implications and subsequent histology and pathology reports?
  3. How skilled are you at researching options without bias, for example, do you only research alternative cancer treatments?
  4. Who are your trusted resources? Do you rely on Cancer Support forums for your information about cancer survival or Dr. Google?
  5. If searching for clinics overseas, how can you discern who is offering bona fide treatments and who is not?
  6. How confident are you that the complementary medicines that you are taking, are appropriate for you and your metabolism type?

I invite you to think deeply about the answers to these previous questions.

The Platinum Plan fee of $2950, reflects value for 15 hours of my personalised services.

Consider the costs of visits to a variety of natural health practitioners who may not be trained in Cancer Management.

Consider costs of expensive supplements that may not be of value or at worst could cause harm or interfere with conventional treatments.

I regularly have video calls with patients who have returned from overseas cancer clinics having spent over a hundred thousand dollars to no effect.

If after working with me, overseas treatments are shown to increase your chances of better outcomes, my International Platinum PLUS Survivorship Action Plan could be ideal for you. The plan  includes referrals to validated overseas clinics and treatments. There are added complexities for me to manage. For example; I arrange monitoring and management during your stay as well as maintaining constant communication with your overseas medical team.

You can upgrade from the Platinum plan to the Platinum PLUS Plan for an extra $1000.00.
Please CLICK HERE to read more.

If you are resident in another country – please contact me to arrange a video call to discuss how I can assist you.

Be Inspired and Guided on your Cancer Journey.

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