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Patient Outcomes: We’re witnessing the best patient outcomes of my 43 years of cancer service. Most of our stage 4 patients are doing remarkably well. (June  2018)

This is due to our thorough & meticulous approach, our comprehensive Cancer Navigation Service comprising Genomics, Precision Cancer Medicine & the devoted/inspiring doctors in our Global Medical Alliance.

Complex: While highly rewarding; Precision Medicine; is medically sophisticated. It  demands extra thoroughness for referrals, diagnostics & case management.

This is reflected in our fees. Your one hour consultation involves 2-3 hours work – emails with you, collecting your data, reading & collating your records, researching your case, educating & informing you of options.

All Skype Consultations are Prepaid – 1 Hour Consultation Fee  = $350.00 AUD

Select the Paymate Icons below to prepay for your consultation. If you are not sure which payment to choose or you wish to pay by bank transfer – email Grace or use the contact form

paymate-guaranteeAll Fees-for Service directly support initiatives provided by our charity, the Grace Gawler Institute – see Governance

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1 hour = $350.00 AUD 


After payment return to Skype with Grace to fast track your appointment.

Other Payment Types:

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Longer consult: a more thorough assessment – 1.5 hour,
= $425.00 AUD


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Priority Fee: After Hours & Sundays  – $425 AUD each hour is applicable.


More Payment Types:

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2 + Hour may include Family Conference = $600.00


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Miscellaneous – Fill in amount from your Invoice = $


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