Patient Outcomes: We’re witnessing the best patient outcomes of my 43 years of cancer service. Most of our stage 4 patients are doing remarkably well. (March  2018)

This is due to our thorough & meticulous approach, our comprehensive Cancer Navigation Service comprising Genomics, Precision Cancer Medicine & the devoted/inspiring doctors in our Global Medical Alliance.

Complex: While highly rewarding; Precision Medicine; is medically sophisticated. It  demands extra thoroughness for referrals, diagnostics & case management.

This is reflected in our fees. Your one hour consultation involves 2-3 hours work – emails with you, collecting your data, reading & collating your records, researching your case, educating & informing you of options.

All Skype Consultations are Prepaid – 1 Hour Consultation Fee  = $350.00 AUD

Select the Paymate Icons below to prepay for your consultation. If you are not sure which payment to choose or you wish to pay by bank transfer – email Grace or use the contact form

paymate-guaranteeAll Fees-for Service directly support initiatives provided by our charity, the Grace Gawler Institute – see Governance

Pay with Paymate Express

1 hour = $350.00 AUD 


After payment return to Skype with Grace to fast track your appointment.

Other Payment Types:

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Longer consult: a more thorough assessment – 1.5 hour,
= $425.00 AUD


Pay with Paymate Express

Priority Fee: After Hours & Sundays  – $425 AUD each hour is applicable.


More Payment Types:

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2 + Hour may include Family Conference = $600.00


Pay with Paymate Express

Miscellaneous – Fill in amount from your Invoice = $


Click here for Cancer Navigation Package info: Includes 5 x Consults for price of 4, one hour organisational time, short email check ins – the package provides you with the best long term outcomes & value. 
Cancer Navigation Package - More Information
The Package consists of 5 consultations for the price of 4, one free hour of our organisational time (referrals etc) and free short emails.

You save money,  but more importantly the package ensures your regular communication.

It assures us you are seriously committed. This gives the best outcomes for you, the patient.

For more information about the cancer navigation package please click here.  

Before committing to the Cancer Navigation Package, we suggest you book a one hour consultation with Grace. (for your peace of mind)

In 2016, GGI’s board of management tabled a strict ruling regarding pre-payment for Skype consultations. Where patients cannot afford to pay for services – these requests go to the board on a case by case basis for approval. (More info – email

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