Priority Services

Grace’s Priority Skype Consultations:


Priority service has proven to be life-saving (in some cases) when an urgent intervention was required – even at a distance.

What is it? Sometimes new clients require an urgent referral either here in Australia or to our overseas hospitals and medical colleagues.

Sometimes a quick intervention is required.

This can happen with fast growing tumours or complications of cancer or treatments.

Our long term clients have fewer emergencies because they are better case managed; although of course, it can happen. With good management we can enact ‘prevention control’ rather than ‘crisis management.’ Crises are more common when patients are not well managed.

Priority Services incur a fee based on response and time provided – often after hours. Grace offers fast response interventions. A fee of $450/hour is charged.

Priority means exactly that.  Your inquiry is dealt with immediately and followed through.

After Hours priority and weekends – a fee of $450/ hour is applicable.

Payments for Priority Services can be made by credit card via the PrePay for Skype