Privacy Policy

GGI has recently reviewed and updated its Privacy Policy. (updated July 2018)
National Privacy Principle 5 requires our Practice to have a document that clearly sets out its policies on handling personal information, including health information.

This document, commonly called a privacy policy, outlines how GGI handles personal information collected (including health information) and how we protect the security of this information.

For more information please visit the ‘About’ section of our Website

NOTE: The online Patient Questionnaire Form that you have completed and submitted is only received by Grace Gawler- your cancer Navigator for the purpose of your consultation. The information is security protected and stored digitally.

This website is secured behind an Internationally accredited firewall which prevents intrusion of any outside, unauthorised parties.

GGI requires patient consent when handling, sharing and transmitting patient health information. We provide a consent form at the early stage in the process of consultations and in particular with regards to referrals, as a result of a consultation with GGI.

When giving consent to share your health information – for your peace of mind and our legal obligations; please be aware of how we handle your information. Strictly we do not divulge any aspect of your personal information or health matters to any third parties, marketers or others.

When Grace Gawler has received your completed online form; you will be contacted by email. A one page consent form will be sent and your Skype appointment will be scheduled.

For reasons of medical ethics and confidentiality it is a requirement that we have your signed consent when handling your medical information.

You must be the patient to complete the GGI Consent Form.

*If inquiring on behalf of a patient who cannot make the inquiry for themselves-by request you can be sent a special referral form that you can sign as a relative or friend of the patient.

Our referral service for second opinions to Medical Centres of Excellence and specialists – nationally & internationally requires your consent.

By signing the consent form, If deemed necessary to forward information to these specialists – this will be discussed with you. Our rapid referral services and reliable professional contacts, known to us for many years; means we can fast track second opinions that may otherwise take many weeks or even months.

As your Cancer Navigator, in order to work with us, it is essential you have an oncologist as part of your health restoration team. If you are not under the care of an oncologist – we will assist you to find one.