Welcome from Grace Gawler (Cornall) & Pip Cornall. We are directors of the Grace Gawler Institute.

We offer a unique service for men with prostate cancer. Breaking new ground – it is the only service of its type in the world.

Grace Gawler, the Institute’s therapeutic director, is best described as a cancer Navigator, Patient Advocate & Long-Term Management Strategist. 

Prostate Cancer Patients benefit from Grace’s 43 year track record & proven success with life extension and quality of life for over 18,000 patients –  see testimonials below.


Many patients describe us as a one-stop-shop for all their cancer needs, not just their medical needs – scroll page for botanicals. 

Cancer Navigation Package


We are committed to increasing your life quality & extending life helping you access the best medical & scientific knowledge available in the world today; via our global medical networks.

Via these networks, we organise referrals for 2nd opinions, genomic diagnostic testing, access to some of the best local & overseas cancer specialists, guidance, short & long term management. Many of our successful patients had stage IV cancer.

Advances in prostate cancer medicine means survivorship is improving rapidly; especially if one is prepared to travel. Thus we make referrals, provide guidance & management for state of the art overseas treatment.

For example: Bone metastases are common in prostate cancer. Now, two new, more gentle methods are now available for the local treatment of bone cancer. Both methods destroy the cancer while preserving surrounding organs and the bone structure.

For example: We help patients attain optimal outcomes (with minimal side effects) in several countries. (Singapore, Japan, Germany) They have superior equipment and techniques compared to Australia. e.g. Proton Beam Therapy, Cyber-Knife, Cell-based immune therapies & more.

For Example:  Better scanning equipment and experience – more technically sophisticated – means a more accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment for our patients.


Our service also includes targeted prescriptive botanicals via our cancer specialty store.

We only prescribe those botanicals & nutritionals scientifically proven to be effective.

When it comes to cancer nutrition, whether newly diagnosed or a long-term patient, we have the breadth & depth of experience to help you. 

Sadly, 99% of botanical products prescribed or taken by prostate cancer patients have no scientific evidence to support claims.

Some are just ineffective – while others may interfere with medications – increasing or decreasing potency – often unpredictably.

Getting it right requires an understanding of the new sciences of microbiomes, metabolomics, biogenics, pharmacogenomics and many more… IT’S VERY COMPLEX.

 The scientific complexity demonstrates why most prostate patients who consult with us have been getting it very wrong. Self harming while trying to self help. Botanicals & Nutritionals must be targeted to suit your genetic type and the variable mutations of your unique cancer. Read More

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