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Don't let YOUR Prostate Cancer be "the one that gets away!"

Prostate Cancer Game Changer:

To find out more about our Prostate Cancer Game Changer and how to explore the Options with the Grace Gawler Institute… 

Genomic Diagnostics is the Essential First Step in the Game Changer Process: Not all prostate cancers are the same. Did you know that personalised genomic diagnostics can identify DNA mutations involved in the development of your prostate cancer and its progression, as well as identifying targeted treatments? 

Do you have metastatic or treatment resistant prostate cancer? Our medical colleagues can help you explore possibilities for survivor-ship and quality of life via new personalised systemic high-tech therapy that combines imaging with treatment delivery. We advise all patients to seek a second opinion before commencing treatment.

Breaking new ground in prostate cancer services

The Grace Gawler Institute offers the only service of its type in the world.

By helping you to access minimally invasive treatments you can expect better outcomes with fewer of the known side effects usually experienced with prostate cancer. We guide and manage you through the whole process.

Grace Gawler, the Institute’s therapeutic director, is the pioneer of Prostate Cancer Navigation & an Advocate for Minimally Invasive Treatments in AU & NZ. Grace’s 45 year’s of cancer service assures you are consulting an experienced health practitioner with a proven track record.

If you have early stage prostate cancer - the right choice at the beginning is crucial to your survivorship & outcome.

Prostate Cancer Navigation:

Ahoy! You don’t have to go it alone Mate!

Every ship needs a navigator to guide them through treacherous waters. Your Survivor-Ship is no different. Your cancer diagnosis requires you to sail in uncharted waters. You can trust a cancer navigator with 45 years’ experience who has chartered the way forward for thousands of patients before you.

The Grace Gawler Institute offers various levels of prostate cancer navigation services.
We suggest beginning with a video call to ascertain your needs and how we can best help you.

Explore Innovative Hi-Tech Prostate Cancer Solutions in Australia via Innovative Treatment Hubs

Explore New Dimensions in Personalised Prostate Cancer Treatment:

Are you lost in the Prostate Cancer Maze?

We will help you access Innovative Hi-Tech Personalised Prostate Cancer Solutions:

*How personalised is your prostate cancer treatment approach right now? 
*Would you like to explore how we can help you to access a personalised approach?

What we offer:

*Patient-centred Care – the Personalised Way: Includes lifestyle advice, personalised nutrition plans based upon gene testing plus drug sensitivity profile testing (PGX)?

*Early Stage Prostate Cancer – the Personalised Way:
You can benefit from a second opinion, genomic diagnostics, targeted treatments, a range of minimally invasive procedures; hi-tech medical approaches that minimise damage to healthy tissue.

*Advanced Prostate Cancer – the Personalised Way:

You can also benefit from state of the art-hi-tech treatments that can effectively target bone metastases that result from prostate cancer. If you have failed conventional treatments, there may still be life preserving solutions for you. Genomic diagnostics can assist with discovering targeted medicines.

The Grace Gawler InstituteGut bacteria and Your Prostate Cancer Health  – the Personalised Way:
The type and composition of your gut bacteria may influence the metabolism of certain nutritional compounds from your diet. This may increase your prostate cancer risk and also possibly progression. High intake of calcium in dairy products, over consumption of red meat and fat have been linked to increase prostate cancer risk or progression.

Your gut bacteria have a key role in digestion & metabolising the foods we consume:

Excess of the wrong type of foods can alter gut bacteria. But conversely; eradicating certain food groups from our diet can also starve our resident gut bacteria. It is a balancing act!
Imbalance of plant-based foods, dairy and grain products and fats can alter the balance of gut bacteria leading to generation of inflammatory molecules, which in turn can influence cancer development.

Antibiotics: Another issue for gut microbiome is treatment with antibiotics, that although necessary to treat infections; cause drastic imbalances in resident gut bacteria. A reduced diversity profile of usually resident microbiomes can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria that promote inflammation and prostate cancer.

Explore LACTIS (an abiotic – more effective than probiotics) to nourish and increase numbers of healthy resident gut bacteria.

Don’t go it alone!

In your video consultation with Grace Gawler you’ll receive detailed advice on how YOU can more effectively and safely, navigate the complex prostate cancer maze.

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