20120920_070610Grace Gawler Welcome from Grace Gawler (left) and Pip Cornall (right)

In brief, at our institute, we provide referrals, guidance & management for men with prostate cancer.

Advances in prostate cancer medicine means survivorship is improving rapidly. We also make referrals and provide guidance for overseas treatment.

For example: We help patients get optimal outcomes with less side effects in several Asian countries. These have superior equipment and techniques compared to Australia.

For Example:  Better scanning – more technically sophisticated – means a more accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment.

Treatment: the data below is from one of our colleagues in Asia regarding just one of the treatments

  • 30% reduction on the risk of death
    — 6 month increase in median overall survival (14.9 months vs 11.3 months)
  • 34% reduction on the risk of symptomatic skeletal events (SSEs)
    — Median time to first SSE was significantly delayed by 5.8 months vs placebo
  • The number of patients who had adverse events after they received the study drug was consistently lower in the ‘X’ group than in the placebo group for all adverse events
  • Patients may return home immediately following injection, with no restrictions regarding contact with other people

In 2011 we created Prostate Mates – an award winning initiative of the Grace Gawler Institute. We initially received sponsorship from QR National and Burleigh Waters Prostate Group and now fund activites via our charity. Click Here to visit our Prostate Mates website

As ‘cancer solutions advisory service’ we help you access new treatments with higher success rates and reduced side effects. We collaborate with leading prostate treatment centres locally and globally. We also organise reports and case manage so patient stress is minimised.

Many New Breakthroughs can be accessed – we arrange and make referrals: Call us 07 5577 2997 or contact Grace Gawler at askgracegawler@gmail.com

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Prostate Mates Grace Gawler Institute Success StrategiesOther Services: Using proven complementary therapies we can also further reduce side effects of conventional treatments.

The Grace Gawler Institute does not recommend treatments that are unsupported by science.

However science has shown that – practicing these lifestyle changes leads to beneficial “anticancer” effects:
◾Strengthening your immune system
◾Decreasing inflammation throughout your body
◾Reducing (free radical) oxidative damage to your cells
◾Decreasing hormonal stimulation of cancer cells

The 4 main goals of our integrative cancer solutions approach are are:
◾Treating your cancer
◾Preventing a recurrence
◾Reducing side effects and symptoms
◾Empowering you to take an active part in your treatment and health

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Reduce Side Effects from Standard Treatments: We use proven complementary therapies to reduce side effects from oncology making the prostate journey more comfortable and more even successful. This is the marriage or naturopathy and oncology but this cannot be learned on the internet. There are few naturopaths who actually liaise and collaborate with oncologists and specialists – there can be an undermining of treatments when supplements are contra-indicated.

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After 2.5 years on Voice America – our weekly show – Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia is broadcast from the Gold Coast

The Grace Gawler Institute hosts this informative and free show – here you’ll meet true pioneers in cancer medicine

Great weekly information as MP3 downloads or listen live – invaluable free resource

Click here for Navigating the Prostate Cancer Maze: Facing the Tiger with Prof Suzanne Chambers – a health psychologist , practitioner and researcher in psychological support for cancer patients for over 20 years. Her focus has been on trials of interventions that address couple support and the psychological distress in men with prostate cancer.

Click this link for recent interview with DR Barrie Cassileth from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in NY – one of the world’s leading cancer hospitals

Listen to interview with Cancer Pioneer – Prof Thomas Vogl innovator of TACE & LITT – from Frankfurt University Hospital – Prof Vogl has many options for treatment of prostate cancer

Our award winning Prostate Mates started April 2012 with pilot programs on the Gold Coast, Qld and Mt Isa.

We set the bar for educating, enlivening and supporting men with prostate cancer in Australia.

*Bridging the gaps in cancer medicine – we guide/support men with prostate cancer to achieve the best possible outcomes

*For example – few are aware of the new breed of early detection tools (molecular diagnostics) – no more ‘wait and see’

*Similarly we help you access the best treatments available – anywhere in the world!

*In Short: We help you navigate every aspect of the prostate cancer maze*

Did you know?

In 2010, about 20,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer – it is the most common form of cancer (after non-melanoma skin cancer) This compare to about 13,000 cases of breast cancer for women… In fact men have a 35% Greater chance of dying from Prostate Cancer than Women do from Breast Cancer.

The Prostate Mates leader is Pip Cornall, a director of The Grace Gawler Institute See bio

Program Health Advisor – Grace Gawler, founder Gawler Gawler Institute – 40 years cancer support experience – see bio

**If you are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer please get in touch with us TODAY – we may have exciting (life enhancing) news for you to consider before you begin treatment.**

Prostate Mates is a program of The Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions, (ABN 71 146 457 874), a Health promotion Charity. To understand our philosphy please read the Grace Gawler Institute page