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Remarkable Remission using Cancer Vaccines Stage IV NHL

Imagine a powerful cancer therapy made from your blood or tissue with minimal side effects..

More than 10,000 patients have received the vaccines since 1990…

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Jeffrey Deslandes is alive today because he achieved a remarkable recovery from stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma using little-known cancer vaccines.

Jeffrey wrote a book about his experience –  From Cancer Good Things Grow.

Grace Gawler, cancer navigator and patient advocate, (45 yrs experience) interviewed Jeffrey (podcast below) and wrote the foreword to his book. Grace includes among her many cancer navigation services, helping patients access highly effective cancer vaccinations (like Jeffrey’s) via our global medical alliance. 

Read on for Jeffrey’s story and to see if the vaccines are applicable to your cancer.

Note – Jeffrey had many cancer vaccine injections over nine years. He is now approaching 12 years disease-free.

Improvements: In 2017, medical advances have shortened the vaccine time-frame to 3 weeks for most patients. 

Plus – the treatment has minimal side-effects – unlike the new drug-based immune therapies or chemotherapies.

Scroll the page for a video snippet of Jeffrey’s book launch.

Jeffrey’s uplifting book, From Cancer Good Things Grow, can be purchased – just click the appropriate Paymate icon below.

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$20.00 – Australia & NZ  (includes P & H )

Jeffrey Deslandes launching his book in Melbourne, 2017.

All book proceeds go to the Grace Gawler Institute, a health promotion Cancer Charity, to help others learn about and access the vaccines.

Grace Gawler, the Institute’s therapeutic director, wrote the foreword to Jeffrey’s book and gave a short speech at Jeffrey’s book launch in Melbourne, May 2017.

Today, the Grace Gawler Institute, helps cancer patients access the new versions of the vaccines via our cancer navigation service.

The improved vaccines are not available in Australia but can be accessed in Asia. Since we provided this service, beginning three years ago, like Jeffrey, many patients have experienced remarkable outcomes.