Setting the Benchmark for Cancer Care and Management

by Pip Cornall, Grace Gawler Institute Director:

Why Grace Gawler’s work sets a global benchmark in Patient-Centred Cancer Medicine…

As Australia’s most experienced multi-discipline cancer consultant, Grace’s expertise covers…

Botanical medicine, oncology, cancer nutrition,  cancer-psychology (psycho-oncology) cancer research, patient advocacy and more.

Cancer nutritionist is just one of many disciplines Grace employs. Her ability to source & collaborate closely with high performing oncology experts across the globe; gives her patients more many more treatment options – often with reduced side effects.

Sadly most naturopaths/integrative doctors do not collaborate with oncology teams.

  1. Ideological differences are often to blame – hard to bridge the gap
  2. You need to know a lot about cancer, cancer treatments & the multiple ways complementary treatments can interfere/interact with conventional treatments. (Certain foods can even do this – grapefruit is a classic)
  3. On the other hand, Grace is comfortable discussing & planning cancer treatments with leading oncologists (including overseas) while co-ordinating the other practitioners in the team. This requires a deep understanding of oncology and all things that can interact.
  4. Oncologist’s feedback – Very impressed with the thoroughness of her patient reports & outline.

A recent patient (Fairlie Dec 2015 – Breast Cancer) was very perceptive about Grace’s work when she said…

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Grace is the “missing link” in the complex world of multi-disciplinary cancer management and treatment. Her ability to see the whole landscape of treatment and care options both nationally and internationally is unparalleled! As someone with a recent breast cancer diagnosis, she has been invaluable in assisting me with unpacking and interpreting the myriad of differing opinion that is out there.

Her depth of knowledge, broad experience base and her compassionate character, coupled with her intellectually curious and rigorous nature; make her an anomaly in the field.

She is one of the few cancer practitioners that is able to integrate the many disciplines and protocols to come up with an individualised approach to a patients care that considers all their needs, medical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional. She does all this with a no nonsense pragmatism that engenders her patients with a sense of empowerment that is difficult to feel at a time like this.

Her ability to bring together and collaborate with experts and practitioners from so many fields and geographical regions is a gift and I have no doubt her work will go a long way to improving the fractured nature of cancer treatment in the future.

The only problem as I see it is…..we need more like her, the demand for her services is far outstripped by her ability to meet the enormous and growing need for holistic, evidence based cancer treatment and care.

Brief Summary:

  • 43+ years experience working with 18,000+ cancer patients
  • care giver & nurse to cancer amputee for 22 years
  • director of 2 cancer charities (one with 50 staff) total of 20+ years
  • cancer naturopath & botanical specialist (30 years)
  • author of 4 cancer related books
  • referrals & collaboration with leading oncologists & cancer specialists throughout the world  NB: Since 1980’s Grace prepares (briefs) the patient and sits with them in consultations with the oncologist. She has worked in this way with oncologists and patients in 4 Australian states, NZ, UK, Germany, Ireland. Patients are debriefed after the consultations. Some patients require multiple debriefings. When Grace can’t be present she prepares the patient with questions to ask and also debriefs with them. Grace has thus collaborated with oncologists in Australia, NZ, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, UK, Ireland, USA.
  • founded Australia’s first Breast Cancer Support Groups in the 80’s
  • contributor to numerous medical journals
  • host of internet radio show and podcasts
  • founding member of government advisory committee for women’s health – complementary therapies
  • recipient of a world first surgery in the Netherlands (2002-3) for a life threatening condition caused by a surgical mishap