Skype with Grace

Before proceeding to ‘Skype with Grace’ below we suggest you read the following:

For many patients with serious cancer conditions, a one-off consultation with Grace is essential before considering our more comprehensive service – our Survive & Thrive Cancer navigation package.  The package is a bundle of services separate to your Skype consultation.

Skype Video Consultations with Grace Gawler

A one-off consultation will help you to see the path ahead more clearly & provide options not previously known. Implementing & coordinating these options is challenging for patients which is why we designed our cancer navigation packages.

Grace’s thoroughness & broad experience across multiple cancer disciplines will be evident in your first consultation. 

Having made this journey with thousands of patients during her 43 years at the cancer coalface – the Navigator is the most powerful ally you can have at your side.

Skype or Facetime Consultation: What’s Involved? 

Your one hour consultation fee ($350) reflects our thorough & meticulous forensic approach. This generally involves 2-3 hours work which includes emails for collecting all the appropriate medical records, reading & collating all your records, researching your case (often considerable), educating you & informing, presenting & explaining your possible treatment options.

Step 1. Fill in the contact form (click here) then return to this page

Step 2.  Lock in an appointment by PrePaying for your Skype

Before you contact us be sure you are clear about how we help you. Many of your answers can be found on the front page & front page links. The cancer navigator concept may be new to you, before proceeding, please explore our website. 

Step 3:
Be sure you have collated your medical records. Grace will email you a consent form and a Skype protocol in a PDF format with a link to an online questionnaire. Both must be returned prior to Skype along with required medical information as listed in the PDF.

Step 4: Grace will contact you with an appointment time for a consultation. The consult is conducted using either Skype or Facetime.