Video Consultation with Grace - Explore how to successfully navigate the complex cancer maze

Grace Gawler is the Australia & NZ pioneer of cancer navigation and patient advocacy. The most effective way she can assist you is via an informative video consultation. Read more about Grace…

During the video consultation you will benefit from her 46 year’s as a cancer navigator. Via her networks you can gain access to local & global cancer experts for second opinions.

In the 60-minute video call Grace will answer your questions, discuss how our Cancer Navigation Services can help you and show you how to be empowered to play a larger role in your recovery.

Your video consultation with Grace introduces…

*Personalised Cancer Medicine – Expertise beyond Assembly Line Medicine. 

*Medical experts who can provide second opinions 

*The power and benefits of genomic diagnostics

*Options for minimally invasive treatments and targeted treatments

*The benefits of dedicated Survivorship Care Plans – promote health restoration, wellbeing and resilience strategies

*Personalised gene based nutrition & complementary medicine – no more guesswork

How to Proceed

Steps to organise your video consultation with Grace:

Step 1. Go to the contact page & complete the form
Please be thorough and provide as much information as possible.

Step 2. A consent form and a Video Protocol PDF containing a link to an online questionnaire will be emailed to you. The PDF also has instructions for sending your medical records required for assessment.

Step 3. Grace will contact you with an appointment time for a consultation

Step 4. All video consultations are prepaid. ($450) There is a link provided in the video protocol PDF.

Prior to your consultation, Grace will have read…
*your completed questionnaire
*the content of all emails
*your medical history
*researched any relevant treatment options

This process takes at least 30 minutes and reflects our thorough & meticulous forensic approach. After your consultation Grace will record, collate and summarise the session. A bullet point summary of key recommendations will be sent to you. Your fee ($450) reflects the above.

Record Keeping:

An important aspect of patient empowerment and partnering with your oncologist, is for you to keep records of all tests and procedures. 
Therefore; before you apply for a video consultation, please be sure you have obtained copies of your medical records.