Video Call with Grace

Serving you more effectively

From January 2019, our video-call consultations have changed focus.

As global experts in the art of cancer survivorship, and Australia & NZ pioneers in cancer navigation and patient advocacy, the most effective way we can assist you is via our dedicated cancer navigation service.

Therefore instead of a one-off video consultation, we now offer a 30-minute video call session to answer your questions and discuss how our Cancer Navigation Services can help you.

Why the changed focus? Due to the work involved & the increasingly personalised nature of our navigation service; in order to maintain our high standards of service delivery, it has become necessary to limit the number of navigated patients. 

How a 30 minute video call with Grace can benefit you:

Prior to the call, you will have corresponded by email with Grace using the contact page.

You will have been sent a consent form and a PDF containing a link to an online questionnaire as well as instructions for sending your appropriate medical records for assessment.

Win-Win for you: As a result of your consultation, Grace will help you see the path ahead more clearly and provide options you likely have not considered previously.
She will review your medical history and consult with her colleagues if necessary. 

If the cancer navigation service is not appropriate for you, Grace can refer you to a medical expert in your locality.

Having made this journey with 1000s of patients during her 44 years at the cancer coalface – Grace as your Cancer Navigator, is the most powerful ally you can have at your side.

Your video Consultation with Grace – how it works:

Prior to your consultation, Grace will have read…
*your completed questionnaire
*the content of all emails
*your medical history
*researched any relevant treatment options

This process usually takes about 30 minutes and reflects our thorough & meticulous forensic approach. 

Skype or Facetime Consultation – Please follow these steps… 

Step 1. Go to the contact page & complete the form – click here
Please be thorough and provide as much information as possible.

NOTE: We cannot answer one line enquiries

Step 2.  Grace handles all enquiries personally. She will respond to your email and include a consent form and PDF attachment. Your questionnaire link is contained in the PDF. Both must be returned prior to your video appointment.

Step 3: in the meantime, be sure to have copies of your relevant medical information ready to be emailed (refer to PDF)

Step 4: Grace will contact you with an appointment time for a consultation, a request for your medical information as above.

Step 5: Grace will email a link so you can prepay for your consultation.