Skype Consultations

Skype Video Consultations with Grace Gawler

Step 1: Be sure you are clear about how we help you. Ours is a highly effective (& unique) cancer navigation service; this requires thoroughness (yours & ours).

Most of your answers can be found on the front page, front page links & video tutorials (easy animations).

Step 2: Booking your initial one hour Skype consultation with Grace (cancer navigator) click here for contact us

 SlowThe cancer navigator concept may be new to you, before proceeding, please watch the animation below (if you have not viewed it on the home page). It is the strength of your relationship with the navigator that leads to best outcomes.

Step 3: Navigation Package – We are committed to helping you achieve excellence so you will be working closely with the cancer navigator. To this end we offer blocks of consultations at a savings & ensuring your continuity & thoroughness of detail for best outcomes – Click Cancer Navigation Package   

Click here –  To explore our cancer navigation package  .

Grace’s thoroughness & broad experience across multiple cancer disciplines will be evident in your first consultation. Indeed, you may join the many patients who say
I just wish I found you SOONER.”
Having made this journey with thousands of patients during her 42 years at the cancer coalface – the Navigator is a powerful ally to have at your side.

How to Book and Pay:

  • All Skype consultations are prepaid.
  • To schedule an appointment visit the PrePay for Skype Page 
  • Select the relevant appointment icon to make your payment. 
  • Once you have paid contact Grace to arrange a suitable consultation time. 
  • Please include ALL your relevant medical history, reports etc
  • You will receive a consent form and a preparatory PDF.
Cancer Navigation Package – click here – Best long term outcomes & maximum value  
Benefits of our cyber services:

  1. saves time & energy for patients
  2. relatives can be included in the call
  3. consult in the comfort of your home
  4. helpful if you have mobility or pain issue
  5. cost-effective – saves on travel
  6. environmentally friendly
Benefits from your Navigator Consultation

  1. fast tracking to world cancer experts
  2. access expert second opinion
  3. access to genomic diagnostic tests
  4. innovative tools for navigating the maze
  5. targeted safe complementary medicine
  6. resilience training for contingencies

Patients who are case-managed by the navigator, achieve exceptional results. Read Testimonials

Grace says – “Four decades at the cancer coalface has taught me that cancer is often a marathon and not a sprint. There are some days, weeks, even months when I work intensively with certain high priority patients, their families & their medical teams.

My critical care service has helped many late stage cancer patients survive the immediate crisis, experience well-being again & regroup. The diagram shows how I prioritise my services.”

Patient Priority Grouping

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Although we are a not for profit Health Promotion Charity, some of our services are charged on a Professional fee basis. However, we also offer many free services including proactive groups and my podcast radio show Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia where you can listen and learn about the latest in cancer treatments. All funds from Skype video and face to face consultations go directly to the Institute. We accept private donations and have DGR status with the ATO.
  • For ethical reasons we do not offer phone consultations
  • Saturday Video Calls (at Mon-Frid fees)