Grace Gawler - Helping You Navigate the Cancer Maze


My services are very comprehensive so rather than providing a complex explanation, the following stories illustrate some of the ways I can help you navigate the cancer maze.
Spend a few minutes to read on – these true stories could change your life.

Story 1: 

Recently a patient contacted me after having received a poor prognosis from a reputable Australian hospital. During our short consultation they were overjoyed when I informed them that a viable medical treatment for their particular cancer was… 

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available at another hospital in the very same city. Sadly, this scenario is not uncommon. Happily my patient did not accept the original prognosis and sought advice from me.

Many decades ago I recognised the need for an independent advisory service. I began building a network comprising some of the best minds in cancer medicine; both nationally and internationally. Over many decades I’ve helped patients access such innovative treatment hubs. I guide them through the process, before, during and after. The diverse range of medical expertise in my networks means means a wider range of treatment options. Like the case above, this can be life saving.

The story demonstrates just one of many ways that I help patients bridge existing gaps in standard cancer medicine. Consequently; after learning about new and exciting, minimally invasive recovery options, a high percentage of patients say; “I wish I found you sooner.”   

Story 2: 

This different story illustrates how I combine the best of old fashioned naturopathy with hi tech modern cancer treatments. When R approached me for advice, he was being treated for liver cancer. He said the worst part of his treatment was …

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the daily vomiting and diarrhoea which had plagued him for almost 2 years. He could not sleep properly or socialise with friends. Restaurants were out of the question. I prescribed him a naturopathic remedy to soothe his stomach and intestinal linings. I knew from my training that this would not interfere with his particular medical treatments. Several days later R rang me to say the vomiting and diarrhoea had stopped and he was sleeping like a baby. I continued to assist R to help him access the best of medical treatments. He was later declared all clear. 

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