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Topic discussions include…

  • New treatments for best patient survival outcomes.
  • Survivor Strategies
  • Episodes of Grace’s weekly Podcast Show – Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia
  • Fake cancer food fads and misinformation – topics that are currently ‘trending’
  • Fake Cancer Entrepreneurs – The Wellness Warrior & Belle Gibson Cancer  –  despite their weird cancer cure claims – Both the Wellness Warrior and her mother died from cancer while embracing alternative regimes.
  • Fake Cancer Entrepreneurs  – Laura Bond the young Adelaide journalist/cancer entrepreneur who wrote Mums Not Having Chemo. Her mother died following unproven alternative regimes.
  • Trending fast is ‘The truth about Cancer’ a slick American video sensation which has over 3 million views and rising fast.  The sensational rise is indicative of the allure it has. The video has great potential to misinform and therefore influence the treatment choices of millions of cancer patients. It contains little truth and many lies. It will likely cause much illness and death…
  • Other trending topics which mislead, misinform and cause harm many patients
  • The true Ian Gawler Story written by his wife and longtime caregiver – a very different story to that presented in the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA), the media and books.