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Survivor Training

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Global Leaders in Cancer Survival Training.

Grace Gawler Institute Survivorship

A Boutique Course for Patients who really want to Excel at Navigating the Cancer Maze.

Date:  August, 2016
Gold Coast, QLD

Why a 2-day Course? Two days is necessary for this very comprehensive course which is undoubtedly a world leader. Our program shows you ways to manage your cancer – short term & long term  – especially preventing a recurrence. It goes beyond the notion that eating well & exercising will keep me cancer free – that’s important but we show you much more. Survivor training requires focused attention to receive best value from the weekend. Integration time is also allowed (with regular revision) so you can retain and utilise the skills you learn – skills for a lifetime. Click for Testimonials.

Why is our survivor training unique?

  1. Your course leader, Grace Gawler, Australia’s most experienced forensic cancer naturopath, with 40-yrs experience helping patients navigate the cancer maze.
  2. During the course each participant will receive a personalised health restoration plan & manual designed by Grace and based on your need
  3. The topics are practical – you will leave with skills and strategies to help boost your survival chances – proven over Grace’s 4- decades at the cancer coalface.
  4. You will learn how to avoid the mistakes made by many well intentioned cancer patients.
  5. You will learn how to be an active participant, to utilise critical thinking in making informed choices. Grace Gawler Institute Critical Thinking
  6. We will show you a method you can apply to your research so you can avoid common cancer myths & scams.Example from Course. Did you know that out of 155 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs tested for herb-drug interactions (used by many patients) that 41 herbs interacted negatively with chemotherapy agents?

Some of the topics covered…

  • understanding the nature of cancer and how it behaves
  • personalised nutrition & supplements – what works best for YOU
  • herbs that heal – herbs that harm. herbal misuse & misunderstanding
  • greens you should never eat raw – why some greens are cancer accelerators
  • raw foods & vegan diets – Dr Google & cancer advice wrong – who to trust – how to get it right
  • understanding Personalised Medicine and how it applies to YOU
  • strategies that increase your chances of survival – what works best for YOU
  • cancer management – short & long term – what that means for YOU
  • how to critique and evaluate internet cancer cure claims
  • create your health restoration & cancer care plan including lab tests
  • national and international referrals
  • complementary medicines – what works best for YOU
  • cancer facts & myths – including the sugar myth & Dr Google
  • effective communication and patient’s rights
  • questions to ask your oncologist – how to take charge of the consultation
  • the role of the GP in cancer case management
  • what new medical options are available for my cancer type?
  • decision making at critical points on your cancer timeline – life-saving or life destroying
  • how to deal with setbacks
  • knowing how/when to get a second opinion
  • accessing support and care givers information
  • guest doctor session
  • circuit breaker techniques for stress reduction
  • how cancer-robics can lift moods and reduce treatment side effects
Here is what we need from You.

1. DOWNLOAD SURVIVOR TRAINING CONSENT INFO FORM (2) complete and return to us along with…

3. Contact us for the course application form and our questionnaire – [email protected]

This valuable information helps us design and personalise the course for you

Survivor Training Details:

Venue: Paradise Point, Gold Coast

Date: Saturday, Sunday 13, 14 Feb , 2016

Time: 9.30 am – 6 pm

Cost includes:

  • Weekend Survivor Training
  • Lunch, morning, afternoon tea, refreshments,
  • Personalised Health Restoration Plan & Manual,
  • 6 follow up  consultations at reduced price ($100/hr)
  • 4 x eBook PDFs,
  • 10 recorded interviews with innovative cancer experts
  • Videos – innovative cancer experts
  • Guest Presentations – Medical Experts

Cost: $790.00 To Pay & Register your place

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(NB: this cost does not include accomodation in the area) If you need assistance with accomodation please contact us.

Survivor Training is designed for patients who are mobile and independent. The course requires focus and active participation and the ability to absorb information. Please note the course is for PATIENTS ONLY

For patients whose health is compromised and cannot attend the training we offer the following options:

  1. Click to book a consultation  via Skype Video for distance patients to discuss treatment options
  2. Click to book a Team Consultation with Grace and Specialist GP Dr Bruce Whelan
  3. We suggest you sign up for Grace’s blog to receive weekly survivor tips delivered direct to your inbox
  4.  Phone 07 5577 2997



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