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Navigating the Cancer Maze AustraliaNavigating the Cancer Maze Australia

Rachel 2015

Hi Grace
I listened to this show episode yesterday and took some notes so was very pleased to see a summary just in case I missed anything important. Your interviews provide such relevant information for people like me.
You made a good point about people’s understandable concern regarding exposure to radiation. Although I don’t relish the thought of this, I appreciate such diagnostic tools as you can see by the number of scans I have had and understand the enormous expense of scanners and the daunting prospect of replacing them as they improve.
It was very interesting to learn that there are now machines that scan in a continuous motion rather stopping and starting and also require a lot less radioactive isotope. What a development!
Do we have the improved version anywhere in Brisbane for the next time I have to undergo a scan?
Love your workRachel – 2015

“During my involvement with the “Grace Gawler Institute ” I was referred by Grace to her “Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia” internet radio show. The interviews I listened to were both helpful and interesting. All past interviews are archived so that it is easy to look up a past guest of particular relevance to your specific topic or field of interest. The long list of guests, all of high esteem within their fields of expertise, is an extra resource from which to access additional information on topics of relevance to your current situation.
I find that sitting somewhere comfortable, listening with headphones is a relaxing way for a patient to access and absorb information, especially if not feeling well. A nice change from reading from internet pages or books. It’s also comforting to hear Grace’s voice when you haven’t seen her for awhile ! “

Marnie Rose  – 2015

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