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The Emotional Healing of Breast Cancer

Women of Silence

The Emotional Healing of Breast Cancer review – USA, April 18, 2017

Women of Silence – the emotional healing of breast cancer

The Grace Gawler InstituteI read and purchased this book when this book was published under the author’s previous name of Grace Adamson.

As a breast cancer survivor I found this book covered ground better than anything else I read on the emotional aspects of breast cancer.

It was rather difficult for me to find anything much about that five years ago when I purchased it.

A lot is published on the physical aspects of cancer, but I found any in depth treatment of the emotional aspects much lacking.

I’m thankful that Grace wrote this book. She has much experience in that area.

Women of Silence – originally published 1994, republished UK, 2003.

It was the first book published on the subject of the emotional healing of breast cancer and was a game changer. 

The information is just as relevant today as when originally published, so the book is not dated. Women of Silence is still available as a soft cover and has also been published as an e-book. 

Reviews from cancer experts in the UK.

Professor Karol Sikora, “An essential companion for all women, it answers all the questions you often don’t want to ask. Packed with useful exercises to help you regain control of your situation, it will help you begin the healing process during the emotional turmoil surrounding breast cancer.” Professor Karol Sikora, Professor of Cancer Medicine, Imperial College and Hammersmith Hospital, London.

The late Pat Pilkington “With insight, compassion and a sure touch, Grace gives a voice to the many thousands of women worldwide who for far too long have been suffering in silence.”
The late Pat Pilkington MBE Co founder Bristol Cancer Help Centre, UK-now the Penny Brohn Centre.

I have walked in the shoes of both caregiver and patient

49+ Years of dedicated services for Breast Cancer Patients

Grace saysAt 21 years of age during the 1970’s, I became sole caregiver to an amputee cancer patient deemed palliative in a time when cancer support systems were non-existent. This is the reason why I founded support groups for women with breast cancer during the 1980s.

In 1994, based on the life stories of women who had attended my residential programs and workshops, I authored the first book and best seller, Women of Silence the emotional healing of breast cancer. (1994, 2001)

My patient advocacy in Australia & New Zealand saw me receiving the inaugural Rotary International Jean Harris Award for services towards advancing the role of women in society; the highest honour Rotary bestows on a non-Rotarian.

A survivor of 28 surgeries since 1997, including colon and 4 breast cancer surgeries (mastectomy) I understand the multiple issues surrounding a diagnosis of breast cancer.

I have walked in the shoes of both caregiver and patient.

Consequently; I have developed a unique approach to breast cancer survivorship. I invite you to explore my Survivorship Care Plans

More reviews from oncologists in the UK

Professor R.R. Hall

“Women of Silence – the Emotional healing of Breast Cancer, is a book full of thoughtful, practical insights to everyday living with cancer. 

I would like all my colleagues to read it.”
Professor R.R. Hall, Lead Clinician, Northern Cancer network, NHS. Newcastle-on- Tyne UK.

Professor Neville Davidson

“Grace writes with authority and compassion. She provides women with an invitation to regard their adversity as a great opportunity”
Professor Neville Davidson, Professor in Clinical Oncology, Broomfield Hospital Essex UK. Chairman HEAL Cancer Charity & Helen Rollason Cancer Care Centre Appeal.

Candace Pert comments on Women of Silence

The late Prof, Candace Pert, American neuroscientist, pharmacologist and author, who discovered the opiate receptor (the cellular binding site for endorphins in the brain), during a visit to my women’s health practice, commented…

“I have never seen such effective research that you have compiled and published in your book, Women of Silence. Your work is worthy of further research into the emotions and breast cancer.”

Footnote: Prof Candace Pert authored the bestseller, molecules of emotion in 1997.

Grace Gawler and Candace Pert
Grace Gawler and Candace Pert during her Australian tour 1996

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