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Tumour Mutational Load Assay (TML)

Tumour Mutational Load Assay (TML)

How could this benefit me?

Patients may be offered a range of drug-based immunotherapy known as anti PD1 treatments or checkpoint inhibitors.

Before considering these treatments it is in patient’s best interest to have a TML (Tumour Mutational Load) test performed on their cancer tissue.

The results of this test may indicate your likely response to immunotherapy as well as the potential for serious side effects.

The Tumour Mutational Load assay has been designed in response to the need to determine if treatment utilising immune checkpoint inhibitors is likely to be of benefit in your particular clinical circumstances.

Based on our experience so far, we consider this test a crucial step in informed consent. It is imperative that you discuss side effects with your treating doctor, gaining as much information as possible prior to making a decision.

The TML result will help you with that decision.