Video Call with me, Grace Gawler

With almost 50 years experience, I will help you explore a window into the possible

The aim of a Video Consultation is to leave no stone unturned. 

Prior to your first video consultation, I will have thoroughly reviewed your medical records and history. I will email you a consent form & link to a questionnaire.

We will discuss your choices of cancer diagnostics, second opinions, and minimally invasive treatments. We will also talk about how to navigate the medical oncology maze, including the role of complementary medicines and therapies.

We also discuss Survivorship Action Plans – During your consultation I will personalise your options, then you can decide if you wish to participate in one of my Survivorship Action Plans or self navigate.

You may have been thinking:

*Is there more that I could be doing to assist my general health and cancer recovery?

*Is there more I could be doing to reduce the stress of navigating the cancer maze?

*Where can I find someone with expertise to cut through all the conflicting advice?

*Should I be using Complementary Medicines?

*Are there targeted treatments available overseas for my particular cancer?

How to organise a video consultation with me

Step 1. Go to the contact page complete the form. Please be thorough and provide as much information as possible. Importantly; provide your full name and location. One line inquiries are not acceptable and cannot be answered.

Step 2. A consent form and a Video Protocol PDF containing a link to an online questionnaire will be emailed to you. The PDF also has instructions for sending your medical records required for assessment. The task of assessing and researching your case takes at least 30-60 minutes and reflects our thorough & meticulous forensic approach, and is reflected in our fee. ($450)

Step 3. Grace will contact you with an appointment time for a consultation.

Step 4. All video consultations are prepaid. ($450) Click Here

Options after your video call

My Personalised Cancer Survivorship Action Plans may be the answer for you


Access to…
Genomic diagnostics
Qualified second opinions
Minimally invasive treatments
Personalised nutrition
Holistic Cancer Management
Complementary medicines
Botanical & Naturopathic Guidance
Supportive care
Weekly video-call check-ins.

National and International Medical Networks

My professional networks:

My personal journey has led me to forming invaluable professional relationships with some of the world’s best cancer minds.

These comprise of surgeons, oncologists, researchers, hospitals, cancer immunologists, innovative radiation therapists, diagnosticians, and interventional radiologists to name a few.

My professional relationships ultimately help you to access some of the world’s best cancer treatments.

For example: Prof Thomas Vogl, Interventional radiologist, Frankfurt University, Germany, says, “Grace, Thanks for the wonderful cooperation, trust, and patient care.”

I offer two types of Survivorship Action Plans

* Platinum Survivorship Action Plan – National

* International Survivorship Action Plan – Includes Overseas Referrals

More information Click Here

Grace and Pip with researchers, 2019. Taiwan University

Survivorship Action Plans Point of Difference

Why my Independent Services are Important: 

I provide independent & notably different patient advocacy and navigation services.

Whilst I acknowledge the valuable resources and research provided by government bodies and cancer councils, my independence as a support consultant can greatly value-add to patient outcomes.

I operate at the ‘cancer coalface’ providing guidance where you need it most.

My almost half a century of independent cancer experience makes my Survivorship Action Plans globally unique!

Explore your Survivorship Possibilities Now

Grace Gawler