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Your consultation will guide you through the Complex Cancer Maze

How I help women with cancer

Become a successful cancer patient with Grace GawlerI provide assistance for women with cancer via video consultations, retreats, workshops, seminars, support groups, books and eBooks.

Do you want to?

1. Reduce the stress of navigating the cancer maze alone.
2. Improve your general health and cancer recovery.
3. Engage a navigator to address cancer misinformation.
4. Safely incorporate Complementary Medicines.
5. Explore targeted treatments available overseas for your particular cancer.
Then a video consultation will benefit you.

I aim to help you become the most successful patient you can be.

You may have been thinking:

*Is there more that I could be doing to assist my general health and cancer recovery?

*Is there more I could be doing to reduce the stress of navigating the cancer maze?

*Where can I find someone with expertise to cut through all the conflicting advice?

*Should I be using Complementary Medicines?

*Are there targeted treatments available overseas for my particular cancer?

My bio and relevance to your video call

About me:

Grace Gawler Independent Cancer ConsultantI’m Grace Gawler, an independent cancer consultant, navigator, support advocate, & health practitioner with 50 yrs experience.

I have walked in the shoes of both patient and caregiver, applying the Art Of Survivorship on many occasions.

I’m also a breast cancer survivor who has had a mastectomy. 

Setting a Precedent for Overseas Treatment: Decades before my breast cancer surgery, I sustained post surgical complications due to a routine prolapse repair. My colon ceased to function. After multiple attempts with restorative surgery, I travelled overseas for a world first innovative procedure that gave me my life back.

Exploring survivorship options with a video consult

When I have received your contact form I will email a consent form & request information about your medical condition and how I can best help you.

During our consultation: 
We will discuss the benefits of genomic
diagnostics, second opinions (misdiagnosis is 44%), and minimally invasive, targeted treatment options.
We will also talk about how to navigate the medical oncology maze, as well as, the safe usage of complementary medicines and other therapies.

Survivorship Action Plans:
After your consultation, if you are seeking continuous coaching and personalised cancer help, my
Survivorship Action Plans offer, 10, 15, and 20 hour of proactive guidance. Details – Click here.

More information for video consultations

“Although her primary qualification is in naturopathy, she has in my opinion, a greater body of knowledge than most oncologists I have experienced in my 47-yrs as a general practitioner.”   Dr B Whelan

Options after your video call

Navigating the Cancer Maze with Grace Gawler
Are you lost in the confusing & bewildering cancer maze?

My Personalised Cancer Survivorship Action Plans may be the answer for you


Access to…
Genomic diagnostics
Qualified second opinions
Minimally invasive treatments
Personalised nutrition
Holistic Cancer Management
Complementary medicines
Botanical & Naturopathic Guidance
Supportive care
Weekly video-call check-ins
Continuity of Guidance to Conquer Cancer

Survivorship Action Plans Point of Difference

Why my Independent Services are Important: 

I provide independent & notably different patient advocacy and navigation services.

Whilst I acknowledge the valuable resources and research provided by government bodies and cancer councils, my independence as a support consultant can greatly value-add to patient outcomes.

I operate at the ‘cancer coalface’ providing guidance where you need it most.

My almost half a century of independent cancer experience makes my Survivorship Action Plans globally unique!

Explore your Survivorship Possibilities Now

Grace Gawler