Grace Gawler - Helping You Navigate the Cancer Maze

Video Tutorials

Have you tried to navigate the cancer maze alone?

Patients commonly report confusion, frustration, isolation and feeling lost in a bewildering & complex cancer maze. 

Our animated tutorials simplify cancer navigation & help you better understand our Cancer Navigation Service.  

Useful Tip: When watching videos make sure your pointer is ‘off screen’ (avoids title appearing on each slide).

The Grace Gawler Institute offers various levels of navigation services. 

After viewing the videos, we suggest contacting Grace for a video call to ascertain your needs and explore how we can best help you.

The Grace Gawler Institute

Chief cancer navigator, Grace Gawler, has 46 year’s experience helping patients safely navigate the complex cancer maze.

The video animation (right) simplifies and de-mystifies some of the ways the cancer navigator can help you.

Precision Medicine & the Genomic Era.

Grace Gawler InstituteGenomic Tests are proving to be a real ‘Game Changer.’ 

The tests can reveal the best Targeted Treatments with the highest therapeutic benefit for your cancer in your body.

While this is billed as the future of cancer medicine; we help our patients access it NOW!

Cancer Fact Checker:

We ‘bust’ many prevalent cancer myths that cause many patients to make poor – even Deadly Choices

Some of the common myths are...

Alkaline body cures cancer
Sugar feeds cancer
The truth about Cancer – (USA marketing video)
Green juices cure cancer
Marijuana cures cancer

Complementary Medicine Trap:

Learn how enthusiastic patients are harming – not helping their recovery

Learn about navigating the Herb-Drug & Diet-Drug Interactions Maze

This video explores the dangers & complexities for those taking complementary medicines without knowledge of harmful interactions.

Companion to the Herb Drug Interaction Video above (right)

As the video (above right) explained, the chemicals we put into our bodies in supplements, and certain foods can cause adverse reactions with the chemicals in medical drugs.
Grapefruit is one well known example. 
This simple and well loved food, grapefruit, interacts with many medical drugs.

Imagine what concentrated supplements can do! Citrus pectin for example!

Thousands of Australians unnecessarily suffering and dying prematurely every year:

This is because of alternative cancer treatments according to a special investigation by Dr Paul Willis, director of The Royal Institution of Australia.

Thousands of Australians may be dying from cancer each year because they are replacing conventional treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery with alternative treatments in the hope they will be cured, the Royal Institution of Australia believes.

We are able to say that in Australia, the drop-off rate for conventional treatment is between three-to-five per cent, averaging at four per cent of people who are diagnosed with cancer,” Dr Willis tells SBS.  

That figure represents the number of people who are diagnosed with cancer but do not follow through with conventional treatment like chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or a combination of all three when they opt for alternative medicine.

“As far as we know, there is no evidence to say that any non-conventional treatment for cancer will cure you or even alleviate your cancer. You may as well do nothing; in which case you greatly increase your risk of suffering or dying early from cancer.”

“When you calculate four per cent of 130,466 – the estimated number of new cancer diagnoses in 2016, there are more than 6,000 people who are not getting the appropriate treatment of their cancers.”

Skype ConsultationsLast but not least; this wonderful Metaphoric Story “How the Romans (Cancer) invaded England,”  shows why wacky diets & supplements don’t cure cancer.

The video uses powerful imagery to highlight some of the common mistakes patients make.