Grace Gawler - Helping You Navigate the Cancer Maze

What we Do (in brief)

Our health promotion charity works in the field of cancer care, referrals, management, prevention and education.

Weekly Radio Show: We host a weekly radio show featuring interviews with innovative oncologists, patients and authors. Our show builds bridges with innovative oncologists working at the leading edges of modern oncology.

Funding via Corporate Sponsors: When possible we help these innovative oncologists gain funding for their trials and research.

Global Practitioner & Researcher Network: We are thus able to refer patients to our network of innovative cancer doctors, nationally and internationally.  So when a normal doctor or hospital might give a patient one or two options, through our networks we are able to refer to other doctors who have newer more innovative options. Benefit to the Patient: More options. A realistic pathway or plan when patients have been told there is none.

Referrals – Nationally & Internationally: Many of our colleagues at the leading edge of cancer treatment have been interviewed on our radio show. Immunotherapy, cancer vaccines, dentritic cell therapy, immune cycle therapy and many new treatments are more effective less invasive and have fewer side effects – some have almost none.

Cancer Management Consultancy: With 40-yrs experience we can offer second opinions, and be your case manager through the critical phase and then the survival phase to assist you to stay well.



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