Japan – Access to Immune therapy (AIET) and Covid-19

As well as several minimally invasive cancer treatments available overseas; cell based immune therapy (AIET) or personalised cancer vaccines, have proven to be one of our signature value-add treatments for patients at all stages of cancer.  This includes those with metastatic cancer who are still healthy enough to travel.

Every GGI patient that have been referred to our Japanese expert has experienced significant improvement in their quality of life and well-being. These results have been very impressive especially for those who have been heavily pre-treated with chemotherapy.

Not only are these vaccines helpful for treating your cancer; they also can have a significant impact on restoration of your immune system after conventional treatments. 
Referrals to our Cancer Immunology professor are only available for those who are enrolled in GGI’s Survivorship Care Plans.

 Travel Update: (24 January 2021)

Unfortunately, travel from Australia to Japan as well as travel within and from Japan to Australia is becoming less likely during 2021 due to the pandemic.

Initially there was discussion around international flights opening end of July 2021 however with new strains of Covid-19 being problematic, this date has been recently readjusted by both governments and 2022 is looking more likely.

For those already participating in GGI’s Survivorship Care Plans, more information including GGI’s Patient Travel Manuals will be provided to you when Japan reopens to accept our international patients.

Therefore, we all need to be adaptable during this period, taking advantage of innovative hi-tech minimally invasive medical treatments available within Australia and New Zealand. Some patients may also take advantage of targeted treatments based on their genomic test results.

Patient Covid 19 Contingency Plan 2021:

Although no substitute for personalised cancer vaccines available in Japan; we have created a new approach for our Care Plan patients.
The aim is to focus on guiding our clients towards either reduction of tumour volume or to achieve stable disease whilst we await international options to reopen.

Our new model of care makes it even more imperative for clients who have taken a Survivorship Care Plan to adhere carefully to their plan. GGI is in touch regularly with our Japanese experts but until such time as we can once again refer patients; we encourage you to be extra diligent with your health updates. 

With intensive communication/follow up we believe we can still achieve exceptional results, life extension, wellbeing and life quality.

The Grace Gawler Institute

The Grace Gawler Institute has referred patients to our Japanese colleague for many years because he is the established pioneer, world expert of cell based immune therapy. The procedure is also more affordable and safer than drug-based immunotherapy.

Whilst we await Japan to reopen for international patients to receive cell based immune therapy, we suggest you explore how this type of therapy might help you. It is a complicated process to produce safe & effective vaccines for each patient. 

Safety of cells produced is a key factor which is why the Grace Gawler Institute  refers our clients to a highly qualified Japanese Professor of immunology, an MD PhD who has delivered cell-based cancer vaccines to patients since the early 1990’s. The facility where patients receive their vaccines is a day clinic associated with a large hospital. 

Contact Grace for more information.