Cancer Immunotherapy Australia and NZ

Considering Cancer Immunotherapy?

Not all cancer immune therapies are the same. Be informed. Some immune therapies work best in particular cancers, some are experimental; there can be many severe side effects (some permanent, some fatal), and most are very expensive.

On our website you can be informed about the different types of immune therapies. You will learn about the various drug-based immunotherapies as well as cell-based immune therapies.

You will also learn that you can be tested via genomic technology to see if you have a high safety risk profile or if certain types of drug-based immune therapies will work for you. Cell-based immune therapies have a high safety profile.

Please read carefully – your life may depend on it!

Harness the Power of Your Immune System with Safe Cell-Based Immune Therapies –  Read On…

Just Imagine…

  • A safe high-tech cancer vaccine treatment without side effects that can potently stimulate your immune system.       
  • A cancer vaccine treatment made from your own immune cells that can increase the number of natural killer cells (NK) as well as increasing their cytotoxic activity by 3 to 20-fold.
  • For 3+ decades there have been more that 10,000 cancer patients just like you who have been able to take advantage of this method. 

BE INFORMED: There is a great difference between cell-based (column on left) & drug-based immune therapies now heavily promoted in Australia & New Zealand.  

You should know about the severe unpredictable side effects with drug-based  immunotherapies: see dangers-of-drug-based-immune-therapies-references/

Risk awareness here lags behind USA where litigation for deaths & damages from drug-based immune therapies is increasing. Even the FDA is being sued. keytruda-litigation-controversy