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Cancer Navigation Explained

The Grace Gawler Institute Cancer Navigation ServicesMy role as Independent Cancer Consultant and Navigator merges together to help you access intelligent science based approaches to cancer recovery, above what is ‘normal standard of care.’ 

Alongside my team of experts I can broker your cancer survivorship options. These include genomic diagnostics minimally invasive treatments, personalised nutrition, complementary medicines and supportive care.

As an independent consultant/navigator, I’m not aligned with any one hospital or medical group.

Thus I can connect you to a global village of cancer excellence where I can source the best diagnostics and treatments for you.

If overseas treatments are not an option for you, I can still help you access ‘innovative treatment hubs’ in Australia or NZ.

In these hubs you can still access ‘above the norm’ of modern cancer care. See stories on the home page.


Increased treatment options: In conjunction with my team of national and international experts, I can broker a range of survivorship options; including, genomic diagnostics minimally invasive treatments, personalised nutrition, complementary medicines and supportive care.

Reduce Stress and Isolation: Imagine how the stress & isolation of dealing with cancer can be reduced by engaging the services of an experienced cancer navigator who can troubleshoot the confusion and overwhelm that comes not only with a cancer diagnosis but with ongoing treatment decision making.

Grace Gawler Independent Cancer Consultant

Grace Gawler promoting Survivorship and Wellbeing

Grace says, my focus is on you becoming the most successful patient you can be.
As your navigator:Grace Gawler Independent Cancer Consultant

I aim to form a close, trusted &  personal therapeutic alliance with you.
I will research on your behalf & advise you through important decisions. 
I will help bridge gaps in communication between all your practitioners by:
* Liaising with oncology & other practitioners on your behalf. 
* Managing the whole picture of your health and cancer recovery.

Know who is Advising you.

It is imperative you know about the diverse experience, training and background of any qualified integrative doctor, naturopath or other person who is advising you about Cancer Navigation.

You need to ask them about previous patients, published results on their work, how many patients with your cancer type have they assisted etc?
In other words, you need to question them and not take their information at face value. Again; be discerning!

Your life depends upon the experience, skill, integrity, authenticity, information, and quality of guidance provided by your Cancer Navigator

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Advising and guiding patients collaboratively

Achieving together as navigator & patient

Grace says, “My unique approach is highly personalised, dedicated and requires continuity and communication from you, the patient. These attributes are essential to build a strong therapeutic relationship.

An approach like mine can only be achieved by dedicated longevity in the field, decades working at the cancer coalface. Each patient’s case and story is different; a puzzle waiting to be understood and assembled.

There is a no convincing policy in my approach. It is not my job to convince you to work with me. If we both think that I can value add to your cancer recovery we can explore how we might work together; starting with a Video Consultation

A Partnership and Collaborative Cancer Medicine Model

Partnership Medicine or “Slow Medicine” takes time, empathy & expertise for GP’s & oncologist to practise the true Art of Medicine. The medical experts who most appreciate our Cancer Navigation Services; importantly; all practise in this manner. They prioritise the person in personalised medicine!

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