Grace Gawler - Helping You Navigate the Cancer Maze


The Grace Gawler Cancer Survivorship & Wellness Institute P/L

Cancer Services:

*We help patients safely navigate the complex Cancer maze. The majority of our clients have fallen through gaps in the medical system.
*We help patients navigate the system more effectively.
*We help patients access expert second opinion via genomic diagnostic testing.
*We inform and educate patients about potential innovative treatment options, especially those that are minimally invasive.
*We guide and support patients through the entire process of accessing such treatments and staying on track.
* We help patients restore health and function after dealing with cancer treatment side effects.
*We provide psychological and emotional support for patients and families dealing with a diagnosis of cancer.

In May 2021 the institute relocated from the Gold Coast, Queensland to Tasmania. The aim was to increase services while reducing operating costs. We have planned this move for many years with the intention of establishing a training college to increase the awareness of the importance of supportive care cancer medicine.

The college will build on Grace Gawler’s  almost half century of diverse experience in the field.

Refocusing on women’s health 2022:
As a breast cancer survivor and veteran of 28 breast and colon surgeries, Grace has decided to relaunch her unique breast cancer services. As well; she is returning to her roots,  providing supportive care for women with all types of cancer.

Restructure of the Grace Gawler Institute: Working intensively with cancer patients is very demanding and occupies the majority of our working hours. 2020 – 2022 has brought many changes and challenges for small not-for-profit organisations.

The pandemic brought extra challenges operating the Institute as a charity with a small number of volunteers and just 3 directors. The increasing burden of red tape, charity paperwork, grant applications and fundraising initiatives, began to take its toll. This resulted in our decision to voluntarily revoke our registration as a not-for-profit organisation.

During a meeting of directors, (Feb 2022) it was decided that it was no longer practical to sustain the rigours and requirements now mandated for the operation of small charities. A decision was made to restructure the organisation and register as private company. Consequently, we now operate as an independent cancer service, the Grace Gawler Cancer Survivorship and Wellness Institute P/L.

This decision has already freed up time and energy in the office; and is reaping benefits for our patients