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Cancer treatments vary enormously within countries and between countries. In Australia for example, some cities offer treatments that are not available in your home city. Also, NZ patients can access treatments not available in Australia and vice versa. Navigating these discrepancies is nearly impossible without a specialist navigator. Even your oncologist or hospital will rarely know what else might be available.

Overseas countries; like Japan, Singapore, Germany, Taiwan and USA offer hi-tech treatments we don’t have in AU and NZ. However, trying to access and arrange cross-border or international treatments can be almost impossible for patients. Happily, Grace Gawler has been providing this service for 4+ decades. That is why patients need a specialist independent navigator to guide them through the cancer treatments maze to achievebest possible outcomes.

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Grace Gawler Independent Cancer ConsultantFor over 4+ decades, Grace Gawler has built bridges to some of the world’s best minds in cancer treatment and care. 

Her extensive network makes possible a wider range of minimally invasive treatment options for Australia and NZ patients, most of whom had been told by their hospitals, ‘there is nothing more we can do.’ 

Similarly, after Grace’s colon was permanently damaged from a surgical mishap in Australia, and before Grace received a world first bionic colon surgery in the Netherlands, nearly all her Australian doctors had told her not to go overseas for treatment and the implant would likely not work! Read I’m alive because…

Building global networks: Grace is constantly researching, scouring the world seeking minimally invasive treatments for her patients. After finding a promising treatment, she typically opens discussions with the centre/doctor (s) in mind. The talks require Grace to be knowledgeable and fully conversant with their new techniques. Hours of research and cross referencing are involved.

For example; after years studying the benefits of genomic diagnostic tests in the USA, Grace negotiated for her patients to access them. This was long before genomic tests were available in Australia. The tests allowed treatments to be individually targeted, increasing the probability of successful outcomes.

Recently, Grace connected a NZ oncologist with a leading US brain cancer surgeon, as she sought to arrange innovative surgery for the patient. The NZ oncologist remarked, “Thanks to you Grace, I’m now mixing it with the giants in brain cancer!”

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