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Of note: A number our practitioner-only products have been credibly shown to enhance immune activity & reduce chemotherapy & radiation side effects. Remarkably, they also increase the efficacy of those treatments. These products are practitioner prescribed & monitored for your safety & efficacy  

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The benefits of Japanese Lactis?

For some years now we have referred appropriate patients to Japan for hi-tech treatments.

We soon learned they have are the leaders of functional foods.

One products we both take and recommend to many patients is Lactis.

BENEFITS: There are several potential health or nutritional benefits possible from some species of lactic acid bacteria.

10 good reasons to take a biogenic lactic acid nutritional:

Shop Lactis – Shop Lactis Benefits – Benefits are as follows:

  1. Improved nutritional value of food- aiding absorption of vitamins.
  2. Reduction of mutagenic/carcinogenic/genotoxic compounds
  3. Reduction of intestinal inflammation
  4. Improved digestion of lactose,
  5. Control of intestinal infections strengthening immunity
  6. Can be impactful for some types of cancer – especially colorectal cancer,
  7. Better control of serum cholesterol levels.
  8. Maximises numbers of Good gut bacteria and minimises the bad bacteria
  9. Minimise development of colonic polyps
  10. Alleviation of lactose intolerance symptoms

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Our ‘other shop’ has been set up to cope with large volumes of orders, since Lactis has now been discovered by the ‘West.’

All profit supports our health promotion charity.

Please note: 
Our botanical & nutritional products are to be used as adjuncts to conventional cancer medicine – not alternatives or substitutes.

It is our experience (supported by oncologists we collaborate with) that supervised patients using prescribed  products as adjunct treatments consistently experience improved quality of life and high level well-being.

As well; the science underpinning timing & sequencing of complementary products is complex – requiring a knowledge of pharmacogenomics & expert practitioner guidance.