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Cancer Turning Point Action Plan

 Turning Point Plan

This plan may suit women who are recently diagnosed with primary cancer or those who have minimal metastatic cancer and wish to value add to their conventional treatment.

A diagnosis of cancer can be a Turning Point in one’s life. How a person responds to their cancer diagnosis can set the tone for the cancer journey and can impact outcomes and Survivorship

People respond to their cancer diagnosis in different ways. My role as a Cancer Navigator is to be a guide. There are no dress rehearsals for a cancer diagnosis, so often this journey is new territory and there is no Map.


 My Turning Point Plan is designed as a start-up Plan or program to show you how to create your Health Restoration Map so that you can more effectively chart your way through previously unnavigated waters.

I can introduce you to the wide range of treatment possibilities including minimally invasive treatments and targeted complementary medicine.

With almost 50 years’ experience in clinical practice and a pioneer of supportive care medicine as well as presenting residential programs for women with cancer, during our weekly video sessions and email correspondence

In the Action Plan you will learn

  • How to explore your diagnosis – questions to ask your oncologist or other specialists.
  • The importance of understanding your diagnosis and cancer type in treatment choice
  • How to understand and ask questions about blood reports, scan reports and biopsy/histology reports.
  • How to access second or third opinions
  • About minimally invasive treatments and if they have role in your treatment plan
  • How to communicate with your doctors more effectively – knowing what questions to ask.
  • How to engage the involvement of your GP.
  • How to make rational evidence based Nutritional and Lifestyle changes.
  • About complementary medicines and complementary therapies and how they can help you when targeted.
  • To implement simple, effective stress reduction techniques.
  • How to become empowered and cancer resilient.



My Turning Point Plan invites you to explore the wide landscape of possibilities and options, providing you with the necessary tools for the journey.

 Video consultation sessions throughout your Turning Point Plan can be 15 , 30- or 60-minutes duration.

Action Plan Fee: $1950

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