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Exciting! Cell-based Immunotherapy for all stages of Colorectal Cancer - including Stage 4

The Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer Survivorship & Research

Navigated referrals for Minimally Invasive Targeted Treatments for Colorectal Cancer Patients

Drawing on my 45 year’s experience, I guide you to some of the world’s best cancer treatments – cell-based immunotherapy & genomic diagnostic testing.

Never before have Australian & New Zealand colorectal patients had access to such a potent & diverse network of Local & Global Cancer Experts 

Referrals to MD Anderson Affiliated Colorectal Hospitals in Asia

For many years we have sent patients requiring expert colorectal surgery to an MD Anderson affiliated hospital in Asia.

Their medical standards are of the highest quality and surpass what is available tin AU & NZ. This can mean the difference between your cancer being treatable or not – even life and death.

Referrals for Genomic Diagnostics for accuracy and targeted treatments - No more guesswork

Referrals for Genomic diagnostics for all Colorectal Cancers – no more guesswork:

Genomic & Molecular diagnostics are widely accepted in clinical use in the USA.

However; Australia & New Zealand lag behind. Genomics clinical application & availability is currently very limited.

Since genomic diagnostics, personalised medicine & targeted medicine have dramatically changed the landscape of treating colon & colorectal cancer, we developed a service so our patients can access these amazing genomic breakthroughs.

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Grace Gawler, the Institute’s cancer navigator, says, “I am continually amazed when I see genomic results from patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Each patient presents with significantly different DNA mutations that has an impact on treatment design and drug type.  

In the age of genomic medicine, we now know that all colorectal cancers have a different genomic signature. 

Thus, each patient’s colorectal treatment must be ‘personalised’ to their genomic information.

These breakthroughs make obsolete the current one size fits all approaches common in AU & NZ hospitals.   

The Grace Gawler Institute has a long history of referring patients to & working closely with some of the worlds leading cancer experts. We introduce one of our colon & colorectal colleagues below

Dr Francis Seow-Choen:

Pip & Grace with Francis Seow Choen

Apart from his expertise, Dr Francis has an amazing story to share. His journey from child cancer patient to famous colorectal surgeon is nothing short of inspiring.

Background: As a little boy Francis became medically famous when diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma; the first recorded case in Singapore. After diagnosis & an arduous 6 months that included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment; he survived! He was just 7 years old.

A world leader; Dr Francis Seow-Choen is now an internationally recognised colorectal surgeon, currently practising at Mount Elizabeth Medical. Centre. He is Visiting Professor to the Tianjin Police Hospital, PR China, Visiting Professor to the National Centre for Colorectal Diseases, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, PR China. He helped establish the first colorectal surgery department in Asia which offered patients the latest surgical techniques at the Singapore General Hospital.

Dr Francis (Prof) is leading the development of colorectal surgery in Asia particularly in the area of robotic technique, and has frequently conducted training in a number of countries. He is frequently consulted by surgeons from all over the world with regard to the best method of handling difficult cases.