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Gut Microbiome Test

Testing your gut bacteria - the new frontier in health

Why test – Benefits of knowing your gut bacteria

If you are dealing with a chronic health condition or a specific condition related to your gut health, then before beginning to take LACTIS; you may be well advised to consider A Gut Microbiome Analysis

We are all familiar with the excellent test using a stool sample to check for blood and bowel cancer

What is not so well known is that there is a test that can determine the volume and types of bacteria that live in your gut and whether or not they are health promoting or disease causing.

Your gut bacteria – friend or foe?

Did you know that loss of diverse gut bacteria (dysbiosis) is associated with aging, chronic health conditions and cancer. The volume and types of gut bacteria can mean the difference between health and disease or a response or not to cancer treatments.

Our gut bacteria can be a powerful friend or foe. 

As a friend, our gut bacteria can provide toxic metabolites or cancer causing products directly as cancer-transforming agents.
As a foe, the wrong type of gut bacteria can indirectly play a role in promoting cancer by causing  inflammation or suppression of the immune system.

Disease prevention & health promotion – Removing guesswork

By taking a small stool sample for Genomic analysis, our preferred Australian-based laboratory can determine the bacterial families and genes that reside in your gut.

The test is a way of measuring a snapshot in time as to the behaviour and numbers of bacteria that reside in your gut.

Why measure your gut bacteria?

Measuring changes in your populations and volume of gut bacteria along with changes in symptoms; can be a reassuring way of knowing you have improved your gut health.

Gut Health Restoration

Do I need to get a gut microbiome test before taking LACTIS?

Testing is not essential prior to Taking LACTIS; however if you are currently dealing with an illness or if you are very interested in lifestyle factor in health; disease prevention/ health promotion, testing may be very helpful.

It is imperative that Gut Microbiome Analysis is performed by a well credentialed, registered Pathology laboratory. Our preferred testing Laboratory meets this criteria

Interpretation of Test Results:

Our sophisticated gut microbiome test provides important insights which can better inform your nutritional and lifestyle choices. The test can measure the level of gut diversity which is regarded to be a good indicator of a healthy gut. Based on the findings of the test our therapeutic consultant, Grace Gawler, can advise on dietary and lifestyle changes via video consultations, wherever you live. If necessary Grace can liaise with your GP regarding the outcome of your results. Contact Grace

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Gut health and Immunity:

Gut bacteria assist in the preparation and training of the immune system, which can help fight gut inflammation symptoms – the basis of many diseases.

In fact gut microbes (bacteria) are key to many aspects of human health including immune, metabolic and neuro-behavioural traits (mental disorders).

Bacterial substances in the gut can also affect metabolic functions, such as appetite, blood sugar, and insulin sensitivity.


One month supply – 30 x 10ml 

For optimal gut and immune health 


Tear sachet to open. Drink one per day, as is, or dilute with up to one cup of water. 
Consume immediately after opening the sachet.

  • Easy to take and traveller friendly.
  • Recommended mixing with water but can also be mixed with juice or warm tea.