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Head and Neck Cancers

Head and Neck Cancer Patients – Are you searching for a more Personalised Treatment approach?

In 2020 the Grace Gawler Institute invites you to Consider Personalised Immunotherapy Cancer vaccines and other Minimally Invasive Treatments: 
Head and neck cancers come in a wide variety of types and locations. Many head and neck cancers are diagnosed when already advanced, therefore standard medical treatment can be quite invasive and impact quality and quantity of life. Speech and facial movement can be severely affected and tracheotomies after surgery, chemotherapy/radiation are also common.

For reasons outlined above; age should be a consideration in the type of treatment prescribed for head and Neck cancer. Head and Neck cancer is one of the cancer types that can benefit greatly from combinations of minimally invasive treatments, including personalise cancer vaccines.

Here at the Grace Gawler Institute we also recommend genomic diagnostics to discover more about your cancer type and the DNA mutations that are associated with its development and progression. Some head and neck cancers promoted by the human papilloma virus (HPV) HPV positive head and neck cancers, represent a particularly appealing target for cancer immunotherapy because of their intrinsic immunogenicity.

Take advantage of the impact of Personalized Cancer Vaccines in  your Cancer Recovery

Personalised Cancer Vaccine  Story:
Head & Neck Cancer

Robert from Perth, WA – Advanced Metastatic SCC parotid with lung metastases – diagnosed 2013.

“I underwent a neck dissection in 2013. PET CT showed multiple avid nodules in lungs. My prognosis was poor. Grace Gawler, from the Grace Gawler Institute, organised for me to visit Japan for cell-based immune therapy given as personalised cancer vaccines in September 2015. This was advised because previous surgery, chemotherapy and radiation had failed to halt progression of my lung metastases. Remarkably I only went once to Japan and the benefit was huge.

Proof of Diagnosis: 2017 – I had genomic testing on my original cancer tissue and it proved the oncologist’s diagnosis right; how serious and aggressive the cancer had been!

With Grace Gawler’s navigation and advice along with regular surveillance of my oncology team; I remain well in 2020.”

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In addition to the immune response mounted in response to the virus itself, tumours positive for HPV (human papilloma virus) over-express certain proteins which can be recognized by the immune system as non-self-antigens and can therefore be ideal targets for vaccine-based immunotherapies.

The Grace Gawler Institute can navigate and refer you to one of the world leaders in research and clinical use of tailor-made personalised cancer vaccines to treat your head and neck cancer; vaccines created from your own immune system.

This type of cancer immunotherapy is also called cell-based immune therapy. It is not available in Australia or New Zealand and the creation and administration of these personalised cancer vaccines, requires you to visit Japan for cell harvesting and treatment.

Grace Gawler can help you discover how these cancer vaccines can help you if you are diagnosed with head and neck cancer.

Our Japanese Cancer Immunologist is an MD and PhD – his personalized cancer vaccines are created in a hi-tech Japanese quality-controlled laboratory. Their production entails no genetic engineering, and, unlike, drug-based immunotherapy; there are no long term or short – term side effects and the personalised vaccines very cost effective.

Return visits to Japan:

Your immune cells can be stored in the laboratory for up to 10 years; making any return visits for top-up treatment very do-able. Personalised cancer vaccines have been delivering successful outcomes for our clients for many years. 
This type of cancer immunotherapy is also called cell-based immune therapy.

Combinations of minimally invasive treatments can deliver great responses for those diagnosed with head and neck cancers:

Other treatments options in combination with Personalised cancer vaccines may be…

  • Proton beam
  • Cyberknife
  • Local hyperthermia
  • Whole body hyperthermia
  • Chemo-embolisation
  • Chemoperfusion
  • MWA (Microwave ablation)
  • LITT (Laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy)
  • RFA (Radiofrequency ablation)
  • Targeted therapies based on personalised genomic testing
  • Targeted complementary therapies
    And more…….

Via our global experts, the Grace Gawler Institute specialises in finding the right targeted treatment for you.

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