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Liquid biopsies for monitoring your cancer

Liquid biopsies for monitoring your cancer

Why you need to know about Liquid Biopsies:

Liquid biopsies also known as Cell-free DNA (cfDNA or ctDNA) tests, measure small fragments of DNA that are released into the blood by a shedding process from tumour cells that demonstrate mutated DNA.

Tumour cells from several cancers are known to release or shed circulating cell-free tumour DNA (ctDNA), which may contain identical mutations to those identified in a patient’s primary tumour.

Another benefit of ctDNA is to monitor therapy and check for resistance to treatments. ctDNA testing provides an overview of all the different cells within a tumour.

Analysis can detect new molecular changes in the cells, which may provide an early indication of resistance to therapy.

Circulating free DNA which is called cfDNA or ctDNA, are degraded DNA fragments released into the blood plasma

ctDNA early diagnosis and detection

ctDNA testing for early diagnosis & detection

The reason why it is important to track the number of cancer cells in real-time:

1. Levels of ctDNA increase with disease progression and decrease in response to treatment.

2. ctDNA can more accurately reflect the real-time tumour size and burden than other cancer markers…

3. ctDNA levels over time can be used to monitor response to treatment, as shown in Figure 1. opposite. 

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