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Maintenance and Monitoring Action Plan

Stay on track and remain vigilant

The Maintenance and Monitoring Action Plan is ONLY for patients who have been participants in one of my Survivorship Action Plans and have achieved remission. 

This Plan is an essential part of your follow-up strategy. As with our other Action Plans; regular updates and communication with me remains your lifeline to life extension & well-being.

Your Plan continues to be focused on personalised medicine and is designed to adjust or change previously prescribed complementary medicines. 

The Grace Gawler Institute

Avoid Complacency

Maintenance and Monitoring Care Plan

Regular Follow-ups:  Avoid the pitfalls of resting on your laurels. Remissions are hard earned and at this point it is easy to become complacent.

Therefore it is important to stay in regular communication with your navigator. As required in your care plan we expect that you will continue to send your blood results and imaging reports and other relevant letters from specialists. As a part of ongoing monitoring, follow-up genomic tests using Cell free DNA (liquid biopsy) is recommended every 3 months.

Your Maintenance Action Plan Includes

Regular Monitoring of your health reports.
Supporting further overseas treatments (when available re Covid restrictions) and ongoing referrals.
Monitoring nutritionals & diet.
Re-assessing previously prescribed botanicals or targeted supplements.
Monitoring well-being, including psychological.
Prevention – adopt risk minimisation strategies.
Where relevant; case review and liaison with international cancer experts previously involved in your case. 
Exercise plans appropriate to your post cancer condition.
Emphasis on stress reduction to help you stay well.
Genomic cF DNA testing encouraged.

Stay on track and remain vigilant:

Your Maintenance & Monitoring Action Plan provides 6 hours of personalised and follow up service over 6 months. Video calls, emails as required.

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