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Our most popular interview features Jeffrey Deslandes, who after battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma for many years and enduring the agony of harsh side effects, discovered cancer vaccines and made a remarkable recovery.

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As you read on, if you are cancer patient, you may discover information that can give you a second chance at life.

And if you don’t have cancer, you may realise that promoting this story can help others not so fortunate, find their second chance at life.

History: Our podcast initiative Navigating the Cancer Maze Australiawas developed in 2015 after years hosting a similar program on VoiceAmerica.

The podcasts draw upon the diverse cancer experience of (my wife), Grace Gawler, who has spent 42 years helping patients navigate the complex Cancer maze.

Our podcasts feature interviews with leading cancer researchers, high performing doctors & inspiring patients.

One interview; Jeffrey’s Survival Story; revealed for other patients, the possibility of a second chance at life 

Jeffrey’s explanation of how cancer vaccines helped him beat Cancer has in turn helped dozens of patients extend their lives or even achieve remission. 

End of the line for Jeffery: 

In 2006, after years battling Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, harsh treatments, terrible side effects and 4 relapses, Jeffrey Deslandes faced a bleak future.

To his credit, he decided to look outside the square – outside the normal gold standard hospital treatments.

NOW, 11 years later (May 2017) Jeffrey is alive and fit, thanks to blood based (not drug based) cancer vaccines (immune therapies)

Click for Jeffrey’s inspiring interview – Stage 4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor  

Since the interview we have worked closely with Jeffrey; spreading his story of hope and developing a service to help patients access these potentially life-saving treatments.

Realising the potential to help others, Jeffrey wrote his book – From Cancer Good Things Grow – which you can purchase from us. Click here to purchase Jeffrey’s Book

Recent Vaccine Improvements: it is exciting that the vaccines we help patients access today are more advanced & effective, than those used by Jeffrey some years ago.

What’s more, via our cancer navigation service, we value ad to the vaccines with state-of-the-art genomic diagnostic tests.

We have many stage 4 patients who have experienced successful outcomes from our Service – guiding patients through the vaccine process. (overseas).

If you are a Stage 4 patient like Jeffrey, or have been told by your hospital – ‘there is nothing more we can do’, you may like to talk to us about these new vaccines.  

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  • Inform patients about treatment options their doctors do not know about.
  • Inform doctors of new research and treatments.
  • Help patients to access these innovative treatments and provide guidance.NOTE: Many patients have extended their lives as a result of cancer vaccines highlighted on our podcasts.
This week we discuss a natural pain relief supplement for cancer patients – Click for Podcast

 Other Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia Podcasts:

Sample – The role of Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care with MSKCC’s Dr Barrie Cassileth

This week on Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia I am in conversation with Dr Barrie Cassileth founder the Integrative Medicine Service at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, (MSKCC) where she remains the chief, and holds the Laurance S. Rockefeller Chair in Integrative Medicine. Dr Cassileth has been involved with the psychosocial aspects of cancer care for more than 25 years and also founded the Society for Integrative Oncology, which publishes a medical journal.

Click here for the Podcast with Dr Cassileth and Scroll Down:

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Why Innovative Oncology is an Effective Way to Tackle Cancer

Brendan and GraceI speak with Prof Brendon Coventry about melanoma and in particular, vaccines against melanoma. NB: these are drug based vaccines – very different to Jeffrey’s treatment above.

But there are broader applications. Cancer Vaccines are showing up as viable treatments for other types of cancers that have failed conventional treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy protocols.

Click for Audio Interview with Prof B Coventry.

Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia – Interviews of Special Significance:

  • Professor Rajiv Khanna – Brisbane – major breakthrough in the treatment of the aggressive brain cancer Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM).
  • Professor Ian Frazer –  Brisbane – Cervical Cancer Vaccine
  • Professor Mark Smyth – tumour immunology, immunotherapy and natural killer (NK) cell biology.
  • Professor Jerome Galon – Paris – research in cancer immunology, using systems biology
  • Professor Brendan Coventry – Adelaide – Melanoma Breakthroughs
  • Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, Ph.D., USA – director of scientific affairs of the Cancer Research Institute (CRI), a nonprofit organization founded
  • Dr Nevil Chimon – Singapore – Advanced RadioTherapy & Scanning
  • Martin Ashdown – Melbourne – Researcher – Your Immune Body-Clock & Complete Remission
  • Dr Francis – Singapore – Navigate the Colorectal Cancer Maze October
  • Dr Lim Jit Fong – Singapore Navigate the Colorectal Treatment Maze
  • Dr Julie Crews: Perth – We Need to Search for the Truth in Cancer Cure Stories

But there is so much more to the show than people think – Read on for more benefits to cancer patients. The process of establishing the interviews builds strong bonds between like minded cancer advancement people. These global collaborations find us uniquely positioned to help our patients access the most effective treatments anywhere.

In Singapore in 2014 we recorded this personal message to Cancer Patients from world renowned colo-rectal surgeon, Dr Francis Seow Choen. See the audio below.

Dr Francis recovered from Burkitts Lymphoma when he was just 7-yrs old and decided at that stage to become a doctor to help others.

Dr Francis was my surgeon in 2009 and 2014 when he replaced my bionic colon stimulator implant.

Exceptional Cancer Education
The Grace Gawler Institute produces a highly informative cancer education radio show called Navigating the Cancer Maze.

Live on http://www.navigatingthecancermazeaustralia.org/ the show is hosted by Grace Gawler who applies her 42-yrs of cancer experience into the production of high quality interviews. Much work is done before each show researching the work of the researchers!

Building bridges with these research bodies means our patients can be informed and gain access to some of the best cancer medicine on the planet.

Grace’s internet radio show provides invaluable information from the men and women who live and work at the cancer coalface.

Free to air live streaming or download on iTunes.

Scroll down for Video samplers of our highly rated shows

Interview with Professor Mark Smyth from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane, Australia. See http://www.navigatingthecancermazeaustralia.org/

Interview with Professor Rajiv Khanna from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane, Australia. See http://www.navigatingthecancermazeaustralia.org/

Interview with Jill ODonnell – Tormey and the Cancer Research Institute (CRI)
Listen to how the answer to cancer inside you may be unleashed with new immunotherapy treatments.

See http://www.navigatingthecancermazeaustralia.org/

See http://www.navigatingthecancermazeaustralia.org/for Prof Ian Frazer Interview

See http://www.navigatingthecancermazeaustralia.org/ for Prof Francis Seow Choen Interview

Patients & Doctors have a rare opportunity to meet… the unsung heroes driving modern cancer research and developing new treatments. (to produce a new treatment can take decades) Many will never be famous but whose cancer achievements are astounding – they include – researchers, scientists, practitioners and outstounding patients.

The show also contains information you are unlikely to get in the one place any where else – due to the diversity of interviews.

Show has been running since since Aug 2012

Be Informed – The new culture of cancer survivorship demands increasing levels of cancer health intelligence – enabling patients to understand the new game in personalized cancer treatments and make intelligent choices.

Health intelligence – The show is health intelligence in action. High quality interviews with genuine researchers and authentic patient stories. Recently – H.H. the Dalai Lama explained, that emotions based on reason and analysis, tend to drive meaningful behavior.

We know many traumatised cancer patients make emotionally based decisions which makes them vulnerable to entrepreneurs promising a miracle cure for cancer. Grace’s show gives patients an opportunity to hear from researchers whose work is found in medical papers and nowhere else. Few have a ‘Dr Google’ presence because their time & energy goes into research, developing, clinical application of treatments and not into ‘image building.’

Feature interview: Dr Barrie Cassileth

The role of Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care -Grace Gawler in conversation with MSKCC’s Dr Barrie Cassileth

Founder of the Integrative Medicine Service at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, (MSKCC) where she remains the chief, and holds the Laurance S. Rockefeller Chair in Integrative Medicine.

Dr Cassileth has been involved with the psychosocial aspects of cancer care for more than 25 years –

Dr Cassileth’s ‘About Herbs, Botanicals & Other Products’ at MSKCC is an invaluable resource for patients and doctors wanting to learn ore about herbal medicines, supplements and herb-drug interactions – click for MSKCC About Herbs