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Probiotics vs Lactis for Cancer Patients


New research questions the value of probiotics.
It indicates probiotics are often useless and in some cases can do harm.

At the same time, a well researched ‘abiotic’ or ‘biogenic’ – a Japanese functional food is providing great benefits to those who use it. It has been used by many doctors in Japan for decades.

Dr Shinya MD, veteran of over 300,000 endoscopic examinations of the stomach and gut, speaks from his abundant clinical experience. He says intestinal maintenance is very important from a health point of view. He endorses and recommends drinking cultured lactobacillus extract (LACTIS). Read more at…

Patient Feedback with LACTIS: All our patients reported positive effects, including relief from constipation, improved bowel motility, changes to colour, consistency & odour of stools, lowered cholesterol & positive change to dietary habits.

Personal feedback: Within a few days we noticed LACTIS made a positive difference to our colon health. Grace, who has surgical removal of portions of large and small colon, has experienced significant benefits.

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The Infographic below simplifies a complex topic at a glance. Research can be reviewed by clicking the links in the Infographic.