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Prof Thomas Vogl Interventional radiologist, Frankfurt University, Germany, says:
“Grace, Thanks for the wonderful cooperation, trust, and patient care.”

Prof  Francis Seow Choen, colo-rectal surgeon, Singapore, says: I have always been impressed by her thoroughness, professionalism and tenacity to seek the best of minimally invasive  treatments for patients in her care.

Dr Bruce Whelan, Specialist GP, says: “Although her primary qualification is in naturopathy, Grace has in my opinion, a greater body of knowledge than most oncologists I have experienced in my 47-yrs as a general practitioner.”

Dr Bruce Whelan, retired Specialist GP

I have had the pleasure of working in collaboration with Grace Gawler in the management of patients with cancer. I came to know and appreciate the skills and knowledge she has in managing patients who approach her seeking help to navigate the cancer maze. 

We saw patients together in my consulting rooms at Paradise Point on the Gold Coast of Queensland, on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately, many of these patients had chosen to follow the ‘alternative route’ and not to embrace treatment options offered to them by highly trained medical specialists. These patients presented to us with their cancers in very advanced states.

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We attempted to guide them back to leading oncologists while also offering “complementary’ treatments which were scientific and evidence based.

Sadly, the end result of such advice and remedies prescribed, delays their patients access to many years of potentially lifesaving or life extending treatments. So often our work was effectively “alternative medicine rescue’ and too often it was too late in the case of the disease to be of help.

We also advised and referred them to specialists in other states (and even overseas) who were very experienced with their particular types of cancer and at the cutting edge of medical and complementary science.

Grace, having worked in the field of cancer management for 4+ decades, has a breadth of knowledge which I find quite amazing.

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Although her primary qualification is in naturopathy, she has in my opinion, a greater body of knowledge than most oncologists I have experienced in my 47-yrs as a general practitioner.

In many respects it is unfortunate that she did not obtain a formal medical degree, but I understand her duties as mother of 4, long term carer of a cancer amputee husband and director of a large cancer charity, took precedent over gaining medical qualifications.

Grace, like myself, only practises scientifically proven medicine. But what she brings to these patients is the best that western medicine has to offer in conjunction with evidence-based complementary treatments but have not been embraced by western medical practitioners. 


Professor Neville Davidson 

Grace Gawler is a woman who writes from a lifetime of experience, both personal and professional.

Her commitment to support cancer patients has stretched from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere.

Her book is timely and comes at a time when the WHO is emphasizing prevention as cancer rates continue to soar.

This book is not about alternatives, but it is a well considered approach that provides the bridge between the medical and the emotional issues surrounding breast cancer.

Grace asks women to be innovative and proactive, so that the emphasis is on self-care. It is not just about providing women with practical well-proven methods that work, but it is also about asking women to examine how they live their lives. It is about encouraging women to “sing” again; rather than fall victim to their illness.

As a consultant oncologist, I am very aware that emotional and lifestyle issues play a big part in the management of cancer.

Grace’s commitment to help cancer patients is inspiring.

Professor Neville Davidson FTCP FRCR
Professor in Clinical Oncology, Broomfield Hospital Essex United Kingdom
Chairman HEAL Cancer Charity and Helen Rollason Cancer Care Centre Appeal

Dr David S Baskin, Brain Surgeon & Researcher:

“Grace, I would be delighted to talk with you sometime about your organisation and to explore whether I could be of help. I would be happy to serve as an adviser or on an advisory board or whatever else might be beneficial to you, as the rest of my professional career is firmly committed to making a difference for patients with this deadly disease.”

David S Baskin: Neurosurgeon Houston Methodist Hospital. (Ranked best hospital in Texas) Vice Chairman Dept of Neurosurgery, Director Residency Training program, Director of the Kenneth R. Peak Brain & Pituitary Tumor Center. Professor of neurosurgery Weill Cornell Medical College. (2014)

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David Baskin’s Awards:

*American Academy of Neurosurgery award

*Smith, Kline & French fellowship of the American College of Surgeons

*The Wakeman Award for scientific research

*The distinguished alumni award from Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Update: June 2022: Grace continues to liaise with Dr Baskin on behalf of her patients. The latest patient – a 40 year old Australian man is soon to embark for life saving treatment.


Professor Francis Seow Choen

I have known Grace since 2009. We have worked together sourcing best options for a number of her patients. I have always been impressed by her thoroughness, professionalism and tenacity to seek the best of minimally invasive  treatments for patients in her care.
Professor Francis Seow Choen World Accredited Colo-Rectal Surgeon, Singapore. 2016. Prof Francis has published 30 chapters in surgical textbooks and more than 244 original articles in peer reviewed surgical journals.

Dr Ray Kearney: Associate Professor Department of Infectious Diseases & Immunology, the University of Sydney 

Grace is an excellent communicator to both large and small audiences. She speaks with clarity and a simplicity which is well accepted by lay audiences. Those who know Grace, are impressed by her as a person of humility, high intelligence, confidence, capability and a quick analytical insight. She approaches her work and speaking with diligence and enthusiasm. Professor Ray Kearney, University of Sydney 

Pat Turton – Faculty of Health & Social Care, University of West England

Grace Gawler inspires and motivates those who hear her speak about her experiences in helping both those who have cancer and those who support them. Grace has the ability to put complex issues across in such a way that people can immediately grasp how they themselves can adapt and use the ideas. Her approach is inspiring for people on a spiritual level, whilst at the same time providing a real grasp of the practical issues that face people. A rare talent in this complex field. Pat Turton –  Principal Lecturer in Cancer Care at University of the West of England, University of Bristol UK

The late Pat Pilkington MBE, Bristol Cancer Help Centre UK, (Now The Penny Brohn Centre UK)

Words cannot express what a joy it was to hear your story told with such simplicity and inspiration. You left us all in a profound sense of presence of universal and divine compassion.

Over the years we have had hundreds of speakers as you can imagine. Some more than excellent and most of them inspiring in their different ways.

But last night was an exceptional presentation

Dr John Sing – Consultant Vascular Surgeon (Retired) – Southport, QLD 4215

Dr Sing nominated Grace Gawler for the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Award 

It is a pleasure and an honour to supply a letter in support of the nomination of Grace Gawler for the AMA Award for Excellence in Health Care. I feel her greatest contribution has been, as is well known, her cancer support service, mainly to women suffering from the disease.

I speak not only as a mainstream medical practitioner, but also as one whose wife survived for eight years with diffuse bony metastases from breast cancer. 

Grace was her main supporting practitioner outside of mainstream medicine, and her contribution to this and the many thousands of women she has helped in a similar fashion should not go unheralded.

She has filled and thankfully continues to fill ‘a gap’ which has developed because we in mainstream medicine seem to have forgotten those old adages of

(a) first, do no harm and
(b) never destroy a patient’s hope completely.
‘To point the bone’ by telling a patient they have a finite survival time is in my opinion of no benefit, but actually counter-productive. I have seen, in my previous practice as a general surgeon, such patients die as predicted, not from the cancer but in misery with malnutrition because they were unable to eat with the worry and debility from lack of sleep.

It is possible to live ‘quality life’ with disseminated cancer, as I have seen with my own wife, thanks to the help of the wonderfully empathetic Grace Gawler.

We in mainstream medicine have a lot to ‘re-learn’ about the management of cancer patients, and I feel Grace is the one who could teach us if only we would listen. Dr John Sing 

Breast Cancer Association of Qld

Her exceptional communication skills have assisted many women in taking control of their own health. Breast Cancer Association of Qld

Tony Bongiorno Bongiorno & Partners, Melbourne

Corporate lunchtime presentation: “Fantastic! Inspiring! Well done!” 

Cunmah Group, the Bonsecours Hospital, Cork, Ireland

Grace has been a key speaker at three of our seminars. At each of these seminars, Grace has provided inspiration and encouragement to breast cancer sufferers, some of who have travelled many kilometres to here her speak

A poignant, elegantly presented keynote address that profoundly touched the hearts and souls of the 300 who attended. Cork is grateful for your journey here. Cunmah Group

Claire Harding Memorial Lecture, University of Essex, UK

I wanted to thank you once again for your wonderful lecture on Saturday at “Claire’s Memorial Day” I really wished Claire had met you- she would have loved your zest for life, your uplifting humour and your constantly challenging mind! The content of your lecture was fantastic – everyone in the audience benefitted in some way. You truly inspired people to “think out of the box” and live their lives in a new and exciting way. Claire Harding Memorial Lecture, University of Essex, UK

Christine Barnes, Naturopath, Cairns, Qld

Although I attended your seminar as a carer/supporter, I received more out of the presentation than many other self-development and health seminars that I have attended. I feel your seminars would help all who wish to develop and advance in today’s world.

The skills I learned will help me now and in the future; things I wasn’t even aware of before attending.

Christine Barnes, Qld

Cathy Turvill-Brilliantes – Spa professionals – Manila Philippines

“It was a privilege and blessing to work with Grace, who generously shared her bountiful talent with our scholars . Grace brought to life the true healing spirit and intention of therapy, and translated this into a workable model which the students could easily apply into their day to day jobs as therapists. 

This spirit of healing is something that the whole industry needs to assimilate and Grace is a catalyst in making this happen.” Cathy Turvill-Brilliantes – Spa professionals – Manila Philippines.

Sharron Mackison— Reiki Australia

‘ I applaud Grace Gawler’s advocacy for the therapeutic relationship as the key to client self empowerment and healing. Grace turns the professional practitioner’s attention towards how we are being with the client, rather than what we are doing to the client. Drawing from both her personal and professional experience, Grace shows us a way of being present with our clients; a way in which our therapeutic techniques and frameworks can be re-contextualised, so that they no longer mediate our interaction with our clients, but take their rightful place as an adjunct to the therapeutic relationship.’ Sharron Mackison— Reiki Australia

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