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The Grace Gawler Institute Cancer Navigation ServicesAre you looking for an intelligent science-based approach to cancer recovery?

Grace and her team of experts can broker your cancer survivorship options. These include genomic diagnostics minimally invasive treatments, personalised nutrition, complementary medicines and supportive care.

As an independent organisation, not aligned with any one hospital or medical group, we can connect you to a global village of cancer excellence where we source the very best diagnostics and treatments for you.

During Covid 19 overseas travel restrictions, we can still help you access ‘innovative treatment hubs’ in Australia or NZ, where you can receive the latest in modern cancer care. 

How Cancer Navigation can help You

Understanding Grace Gawler’s Unique Cancer Navigation Services:
It is in your interest to be informed and discerning with regards to your needs to use our services. The best way to understand the type of service offered by Grace Gawler’s organisation is to thoroughly read the pages on the menus and submenus of this website. The home page outlines my approach. Please read in detail.
Grace offers 2 key patient services:
1. Video call consultations to chart your options (can be a one-off)
2. The more comprehensive, longer-term Cancer Survivorship Care Plans.

Defining Cancer Navigation – it is important you know what a our Cancer Navigator can offer you. Our Navigator differs from…

Nurse Navigators: Senior advanced practice registered nurses, usually attached to a hospital, who provide a vital service for patients who have complex health conditions and require a high degree of comprehensive, clinical care.

Medical Tourism Operators: Organisations who book patients for medical destinations overseas (for a fee) but do not navigate you through and beyond the process.

Grace Gawler Cancer Navigator acts as your Independent Consultant

Your navigator’s focus is on your survivorship and wellbeing

Your navigator…

Aims to form a close, trusted &  personal therapeutic alliance with you.
Researches on your behalf & advises you through the important decisions.
Advocates for you – with doctors, clinics and medical systems.
Helps bridge gaps in communication between all your practitioners
Liaises with oncology & other practitioners on your behalf.
Manages the whole picture of your health and cancer recovery.

Know your Cancer Navigator!
It is imperative you know about the diverse experience, training and background of any qualified integrative doctor, naturopath or other person who is advising you about Cancer Navigation.
You need to ask them about previous patients, published results on their work, how many patients with your cancer type have they assisted etc? 
In other words, you need to question them and not take their information at face value. Again; be discerning!

Your life depends upon the experience, skill, integrity, authenticity, information, and quality of guidance provided by your Cancer Navigator. Therefore it is important you take the time to visit the following pages to learn more about why you might choose me as your Cancer Navigator: Read more about Grace Gawler & Read More about Grace’s milestones  

The Cancer Navigator advises & guides patients in a unique collaborative partnership

What we can achieve together – as navigator & patient

The Grace Gawler InstituteGrace says, “My unique approach is highly personalised, dedicated and requires continuity and communication from you, the patient. These attributes are essential to build a strong therapeutic relationship.

An approach like mine can only be achieved by dedicated longevity in the field, decades working at the cancer coalface. Each patients case and story is different; a puzzle waiting to be understood and assembled.

There is a no convincing policy in Grace Gawler’s approach. It is not my job to convince you to work with me. If we both think that I can value add to your cancer recovery we can explore how we might work together; starting with a Video Consultation”

Grace champions Partnership or Collaborative Cancer Medicine

Partnership Medicine or “Slow Medicine” takes time, empathy & expertise for GP’s & oncologist to practise the true Art of Medicine. The medical experts who most appreciate our Cancer Navigation Services; importantly; all practise in this manner. They prioritise the person in personalised medicine!

These skilled and valued colleagues are the professionals to whom we refer for second opinions or innovative medicine options when patients fail conventional treatments.

Our expert colleagues know and trust that we will catch patients from falling through the cracks, whilst helping them to bridge the gaps in medical systems.

When partnership medicine fails to be utilised – Patients will divert to alternative practitioners who will often listen and empathise very well, but do not have the skill set and training to advise cancer patients about treatments.

How can a video call with Grace Gawler help you?

Video call as a first step: Comprehensive medical information is required for creating a personalised Plan. I assess all medical records and documents you provide prior to a video call along with a signed consent form and a completed Questionnaire.

Your case notes are read and your options already researched before your video call. All patients are different, as are their cancers. Thus reading your information prior and the call itself are foundational to this first personalised step. Many patients receive help this way while some go on to become long-term navigated patients. (Care Plans)

What happens during a video call: The medical information and other details you provide during a first video consultation begins your Health Restoration Plan and serves as an outline or a road map to help me to piece together your story & the story of your cancer.

I’ll suggest short term and long term options to explore, further referrals & second opinions can be initiated. When you join a Survivorship Care Plan I help you to be extra proactive, showing how to value add to recovery & develop your Survivorship Toolkit. Where possible we prefer the involvement of your GP or Oncologist.

Next step after a Video call:

We suggest patients consider what they learned from the video call and discuss our services with a partner/family and then to get back to me if they wish to be considered for a Survivorship Care Plan.

It is a requirement for all Survivorship Care Plan patients to read the Terms of Service listed in several places on the website, before payment and making a commitment to engage our services. It’s important patients talk to Grace first before purchasing a Care Plan.

Please note:
Grace can only accept a new Survivorship Care Plan participant every 10 days to 2 weeks due the intensity of navigating patients in our personalised approach. We have long term survivors, members of our Survivorship community we still advise. Some patients longevity with us extends back to 2012, 2016 and prior.

Grace remains committed to our long term clients when they have needs (such as effectively handling a recurrence); as well as engaging with new clients. 
We only accept patients with whom we can work cooperatively and are compliant with us and oncologists and GPs etc.

Patient Compliance, Alternative Medicine, Mix and Match Approaches

Patient Compliance: is often misinterpreted when it comes to managing illness, especially when patients wish to be self-empowered in a chaotic self-help world of Dr Google, fake cancer cures and poorly qualified cancer entrepreneurs. To be effective for all, Grace Gawler’s approach requires patient compliance and honest disclosure about all treatments – healthcare practitioner prescribed and self-prescribed.

Medical compliance for Patients refers to following advice from one’s doctors and nurses. In the quest for some control/empowerment/involvement with their case; patients will often self-adjust medication doses, not take the entire course of a prescribed treatment, or for example; cease taking important treatments such as anti-DVT medication anti-depressants or dexamethasone. 

Not following Medical advice for Cancer patients can have serious consequences. Cancer patients need to find a doctor, GP or Oncologist who has the time to listen to them, answer relevant questions and be sure that they have understood their answers.

 The Grace Gawler Institute’s ethic is to prioritise providing your doctors with evidence-based information for any prescriptive or targeted complementary medicine that is prescribed by Grace Gawler. We stress patient compliance and honest patient disclosure of treatment approaches are essential for safety, as well as effectively and successfully Navigating the complex cancer maze.   
Please read – Terms of Service &  Pharmacogenomics

Special considerations when making an inquiry:

Alternative medicine inquiries:
We are approached for help by many patients who have taken the path of alternative medicine to treat their cancer without success. A video Call can provide the tools to shepherd these clients back into smart conventional medicine.

Mix and Match Approaches:
This is also mentioned in the section on compliance. Many patients want to mix and match treatments; but without knowledge of anatomy and physiology, understanding the nature of cancer and how it behaves; patients often fail to control cancer progression.

The excessive use of alternative medicines and self-navigation with some advice here and there from Grace Gawler Institute; does not fit with our Cancer Navigation criteria. Grace is happy to discuss why. 

To summarise
, experience tells us that mix and match approaches to cancer can be a recipe for problems. When self-help can become self-harm, we do not wish to take responsibility for the outcome. Honesty and disclosure are essential ingredients if choosing a therapeutic relationship with us.

Patients wishing to Access Clinical Trials:
We also receive inquiries from cancer patients who only want to access Clinical trials – these patients I refer to medical colleagues who are well equipped and trained to provide that information.

In for the long haul? Want expertise & consistency? Consider our Survivorship Care Plans

Skype ConsultationsNavigated Survivorship Care Plans:

It is a requirement for all Survivorship Care Plan patients to read the Terms of Service listed in several places on the website, before payment and making a commitment to engage our services. It’s important patients talk to Grace first before purchasing a Care Plan.

Please note:
Grace can only accept a new Survivorship Care Plan participant every 10 days to 2 weeks due the intensity of navigating patients in our personalised approach. we have long term survivors, members of our Survivorship community we still advise. Some patients longevity with us extends back to 2012, 2016 and prior.

Covid 19 arrangements in 2020. For now; all referrals are within patient’s home countries; New Zealand and Australia.
NOTE: Overseas referrals were suspended in February due to COVID-19 and are not likely to resume anytime soon.
Please read –  Survivorship Care Plan

About our Globally Unique Five-Point Survivorship Care Plan – Personalised at every level.

Here’s how we do it…

1. Genomic & DNA Cancer Testing

Scientific 2nd opinion using multi-gene panels cancer analysis for precise detection of targeted treatments. More

2. Targeted Treatments (based on test results)

Referrals for targeted & minimally invasive treatments; local &/or overseas. More

3. Gene based diets & Complementary Medicines
DNA tests eliminate Google guesswork. Plans are designed to work with your inherited genetics, not against. More

4. Cell-based Vaccines  (Immunotherapy)

Referrals to the pioneer of cell-based immune therapy. Restore, revitalise your immune system. More

5. Coordinate Plan, Guide & Support 

18,000+ patients have received effective support during our founder’s 45 years of cancer service. More

Cancer Navigation:

Ahoy! You don’t have to go it alone!

Every ship needs a navigator to guide them through treacherous waters. Your Survivor-Ship is no different. Your cancer diagnosis requires you to sail in uncharted waters. You can trust a cancer navigator with 47 years’ experience who has chartered the way forward for thousands of patients before you.

Grace Gawler offers various levels of cancer navigation services.
We suggest beginning with a video call to ascertain your needs and how we can best help you.