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Platinum Plus Survivorship Action Plan

Referrals to International Cancer Centres


Cancer treatments vary widely from country to country.

Many hi-tech treatments, for example; Proton Beam Therapy, are not available in Australia & New Zealand.

THUS: a negative prognosis in AU or NZ may be seen as a treatable cancer at our collegiate hospitals overseas.


The process is NOT simple. There are huge challenges in coordinating national/international medical teams on the patient’s behalf.
It requires diplomacy & a deep knowledge of multidisciplinary cancer medicine across borders.  

DO NOT try this alone. 

How it works

Along with your medical team, we help match you to centres of excellence with expertise in your particular cancer within Australia and/or globally. Over many decades, the Grace Gawler Institute has established close collaborations with some of the world’s leading oncologists in countries Singapore, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, UK, EU & USA. These networks mean we can also fast-track second opinions.

Support/Guidance/Organisation/Coordination Package: We understand that international travel for cancer treatment can be daunting. We can assist with logistics, travel information whilst guiding you through your treatments. We maintain a close connection with you while overseas and can provide liaisons with your local doctors and oncology team – essential for long-term monitoring and maintenance. It goes without saying that we also offer psychological & emotional support on your journey. The following story illustrates many of the above.

With Grace's help, Jan made informed treatment choices. Tests later confirmed these had been highly appropriate

In late Feb 2024 I was diagnosed with breast cancer: Grade 2, Triple Negative, Ductal Carcinoma.

Triple Negative, I was to find out, is an aggressive cancer, not so easy to treat! Lucky for me I already knew about Grace Gawler’s cancer navigation work and got in touch immediately. At the age of 73 and with a history of other illnesses since my last breast cancer in 2007, I knew I wanted expert advice to help me make the most informed decisions about my path of treatment.

Grace provided that and more! The breadth of scientific and medical knowledge she displayed as she examined all my tests results, scans and medical history was extraordinary. Throughout the process she was able to give an integrated, personalised and detailed overview of my health situation that sadly medical specialists, due to their specialised focus, are unable to give. Read the full story here.

Platinum PLus Action Plan Benefits

Means exactly that – proactive cancer guidance.

No bias. I am not attached to any hospital, clinic or cancer services.

Validated cancer information:
Based on experience and opinions of cancer experts.

A Platinum Plus Action Plan offers a continuous thread of mixed services, video calls, email help, referrals, access to genomic testing services and more.

Reduce stress and isolation:
I am a professional companion on your cancer journey.

I offer an independent and knowledgeable voice.

As your patient advocate, I broker you the best available options.

Access safe and effective complementary medicine:
An opportunity to benefit from ’old-school naturopathy’ integrated with modern scientific approaches.

Qualified Nutritional Help and Guidance:
Avoiding dietary trends by advising on targeted nutritional approaches designed for you.

Coaching in how to sort out the temptation of engaging in fake cancer cures. 

Access to second opinions:
My trusted team of medical experts are available for you.

Explore Possibilities:
Via treatment with minimally invasive value-add therapies.

Improve Communication with your oncology health professionals.

Targeted Research:
Dedicated research provided by your trusted cancer navigator.

Priority services by arrangement: After hours services, including weekends and public holidays can be provided. Time spent after hours will be deducted from your Action Plan at double the normal rate.

Organising ongoing consultations once you’ve joined an Action Plan.

It is essential that you organise a plan with me for regular ongoing consultations. This is your responsibility.

As a health professional supporting many high need clients, I do not have the time to chase up clients for appointments.

It is also very empowering for you to initiate your own series of regular video consultation appointments with me and it is no accident that my empowered patient attain better outcomes.

I usually organise same day and time each week in six weekly blocks at the commencement of your plan.
Regular contact creates a good rhythm and importantly; continuity;in our therapeutic relationship.

Please note that all action plans have an expiry date (six, nine, and 12 months) and that the aim is to efficiently and effectively utilise the hours provided in your Plan.

Continuity and regular contact by email and video consultations has proven to be a successful approach with helping clients to reach their survivorship goals.

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