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What is Cancer?

What is Cancer?

Grace Gawler says 

“It is important for patients and their families to understand the nature of cancer.

This knowledge, we believe, underpins all future decisions that will be made to achieve health restoration.

It will also help you to discern when a treatment or supplement option is valid or bogus.

It will help you think critically and make informed decisions about your health restoration plan.”

Cancer is a disease resulting from damage or changes to your genes.

*Everybody has about 24,000 genes.*

Simplistically; cancer is unchecked cell growth that progresses toward limitless expansion. It manifests as a complex range of over 100 diseases.

This is caused by a wide range of genetic mutations.

The transition from a normal cell to a malignant cancer is driven by changes to a cell’s DNA, also known as mutations.

*See videos below

These mutations can be present in many combinations that are unique to each patient, essentially making every case of cancer a rare disease. However, each tumour has a unique genetic makeup, even amongst the same tissue type.

*Identification of these individual mutations is the key to developing personalised treatments for cancer patients.*

understand-cancerKnow cancer to fight Cancer:

When patients understand how cancer behaves, develops and grows, they are less inclined to waste time & money on supplements or diets that are useless at best & harmful at worst.

Useless or ‘dangerous’ Patient Research: Many patients or their care givers say they spent months ‘researching’ on the internet. However; on investigation, I find their ‘research’ was mostly ideology driven opinion, pseudoscience, misinformation, false facts & false claims.

Unfortunately, few patients quote scientifically validated medical research; instead they often ask my opinion of the latest fad cure or video which is ‘trending’. 

Pseudo-science can look impressive to the untrained eye.

This is not the fault of patients but medical science is much more complex than internet ‘research.’ What often happens is that wishful thinking replaces discernment and critical thinking.

The good news: 

The truth about an individual’s cancer can be shown by genomic DNA tests. With this knowledge targeted treatments can be arranged. Explore how Genomic Tests can help you – click here

Many patients spent a fortune with integrative GPs & naturopaths. BUT; upon reading their medical reports, scans and x-rays – I see an alarming trend. Patients taking excessive supplements do worse than patients who take few or none. There are many scientific papers vindicating these findings.

Safety of vitamins and dietary supplements…

Vitamins may be dangerous for cancer patients…

Side effects from complementary and alternative medicine…

The following videos will help you better understand the nature of cancer. They can be used in conjunction with the information on the supplements can cause cancer page concerning the inappropriate use of herbal and nutritional supplements. 

Please be sure to view the videos (below) This extra knowledge will help you make better informed decisions.

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