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Pancreatic Cancer

The Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer Survivorship & Research

Navigated referrals for Minimally Invasive Targeted Pancreatic Cancer Treatments

Drawing on my 47 year’s experience, I guide you to some of the world’s best pancreatic cancer treatments – cell-based immunotherapy & genomic diagnostic testing.

Never before have Australian & New Zealand patients had access to such a potent & diverse network of Local & Global Cancer Experts 

Individualised immunotherapy is the future

Cell based immune therapies (cancer vaccines) can repair and restore your immune system – safely. These (cancer vaccines) have minimal side effects and can even destroy circulating tumour stem cells – chemotherapy cannot do this.

As well, we work closely with offering a range of high-tech treatments. This opens up new possibilities for Pancreatic Cancer Patients. 

In our new treatment model for pancreatic cancer patients; advanced genomic diagnostics can help pinpoint targeted cancer treatments with more accuracy than ever before. 

Hi-Tech Local & Global Minimally Invasive Treatments via our Cancer Navigation Service

Targeted-Cancer-Therapy-for-Cancer-Treatment Global cancer navigation service:

The Grace Gawler Institute, working closely with its national and international oncology colleagues, helps pancreatic cancer patients source state-of-the-art treatments in Australia and/or overseas. 

We have 30 years experience referring patients overseas for treatments they could not access in their home countries.

Collaborating with innovative leading cancer doctors around the world means we know what is possible.- We have a unique benchmark for what our patients deserve.

Many of our patients were told “there is nothing more we can do.” The statement speaks to the limitations hospitals in AU & NZ. With our guidance and referrals to hi-tech treatments; our patients can be treatable, even curable.

Click the blue button below to explore how our global cancer navigation service and precision medicine model is disrupting outdated, unwieldy, hospital approaches to Cancer. 

Welcome: I’m Grace Gawler, cancer navigator and patient advocate for minimally invasive treatments.

I’ve worked with cancer patients for 45 -yrs. In 2019, I am able to help pancreatic cancer patients access the best of precision medicine.

This standard of precision medicine are not usually available in countries like Australia, Canada & New Zealand.

Genomic screening & diagnostic tests can now pinpoint targeted treatments with higher probabilities of success. High-tech treatments such as Proton Beam therapy, Cyber Knife and others, means this once difficult to treat disease is no longer a death sentence.

Via my global medical alliance of innovative cancer specialists, we can provide a range of exceptional new treatments for pancreatic cancer patients not usually available in AU or NZ.