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The truth about Chemotherapy

There is more fear and misinformation about chemotherapy than any other treatment. Most of us have seen family or friends suffer horrendously.

Thankfully – breakthroughs in genomic (DNA) diagnostics & screening tests can now reveal a patient’s suitability to chemotherapy (or not). By genomically targeting the treatment, outcomes are improved and suffering reduced.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth: Some patients benefit from targeted chemotherapy (with few side effects) while for others it is unsuitable and may cause severe side effects. As well; in AU & NZ about 75% of patients will fail their first time chemotherapy. (when used without genomic tests). One of our patients called his experience the ‘chemo unlucky dip.’ Sad but true.

Had they been genomically (DNA) tested these statistics could have been reversed. What’s the catch? The tests cost money! The government budget has limits.

The realistic basis for fear about chemotherapy

Current hospital treatment protocols rely on the assumption that patients with cancer of the same tissue type have the same underlying disease. This is why up to 75% of patients fail first line treatments.

Nantehealth (USA) puts it this way – “Oncologists use all the information available to make the best decisions for their patients. And yet, response rates for most cancer therapies remain low, with only 25% of cancer patients benefiting from the offered drug.

What if you could know more about each patient’s tumor? Could you drive up that 25%, and give your patients better outcomes?


Long-lasting and late-developing side effects
Chemotherapy drugs can also cause side effects that don’t become evident until months or years after treatment. Late side effects vary depending on the chemotherapy drug but can include:

*Damage to lung tissue
*Heart problems
*Kidney problems
*Nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy)
*Risk of a second cancer

Genomics & Pharmacogenomics – 21 st Century game changers.

Simply put – we can now measure if a targeted chemotherapy will work in your body – for your particular cancer – at its current stage.

If chemotherapy is not suitable – other options will be considered – this is often the case.

Note: Many of our patients who were not suitable for classic chemotherapy offered in our hospitals, have achieved exceptional outcomes with the combination of…

  • Blood based immune therapy (safer, more effective, no side effects compared to drug based immune therapy such as Keytruda, PD1 etc).
  • Cancer specific localised hypothermia.
  • Targeted low-dose targeted chemotherapy – determined by genomic diagnostic test

While these particular breakthrough genomic tests are not yet used in most hospitals; we have assisted our patients to access such tests for years.

These remarkable genomic diagnostic and screening tests, along with pharmaco-genomic tests explain why many of our patients (including stage 4) achieve such exceptional outcomes. Call us Today 

Unintentional Self Harm: 

Sadly – Many patients presenting to us suffer severe side effects caused by the interactions of their supplements, diet regimes and ‘complementary therapies’ (like coffee enemas). Many patients take upwards of 30 supplements daily with no regard for the interactions (your personal inner pharmacy) mentioned above.

Click here to read more about the many herb-drug interactions that can increase side effects, undermine chemotherapy treatments and cause many other complications – even death.

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