Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

There is real cause for Realistic Hope:

Edward S. Kim, MD, a lung expert from Carolinas HealthCare System, recently called the advancement of treatment of non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) a “renaissance” in the landscape of lung cancer diagnostics and treatment.

Due to the rapid evolution of genomic diagnostics and targeted treatment for patients with EGFR-mutation–positive disease, a new field of possibilities for diagnosis and targeted treatments has emerged. The days of ‘one size fits all’ medicine, are numbered!

This rapidly changing landscape is playing a key role in fast tracking precision medicine for all types of lung cancers…

Dr Kim added, “now comprehensive gene panels are able to detect molecular biomarkers—EGFR, ALK, ROS1, PD-L1, or BRAF—that can guide targeted treatment.”

Grace Gawler InstituteGrace Gawler Institute (GGI) – seeing the need through patient advocacy and longevity in the field: 

Genomic testing for lung cancer patients from Australia& New Zealand:

We are pleased to inform our clients that they can be referred for comprehensive genomic testing in Australia. GGI has been able to assist patients to access genomic testing for more than 4 years.

What’s offered in the hospitals: Although some hospitals can now organise small numbers of gene panels to test for “driver” DNA mutations, the service is not yet fully available to cancer communities and may not be for some time due to cost factors. 

NOTE: While USA insurance companies now cover genomic tests, comprehensive genomic testing is not funded by medicare or health insurers in Australia or NZ.

However; world certified genomic tests are available for AU & NZ patients and could save your life. See testimonials:

Due to longevity in the field of cancer support, GGI’s founder and therapeutic director, Cancer Navigator,  Grace Gawler, has long recognised at a fundamental level; the unmet needs of patients diagnosed with lung cancer and the gaps in the system especially for patients with advanced stage 4 cancers as well as more unusual types of lung cancers.

In addition to Genomics diagnostics:

Grace’s extensive international experience in collaboration with her oncology colleagues, can provide lung cancer patients with a unique and wide range of options for treatment. GGI communicates with the experts on your behalf. Then we specialise by way of fully supported referrals to some of the world’s most innovative cancer medicine.

Video – Towards a better understanding of the new lung cancer landscape…

The Cancer Navigator says: “A must see video for anyone diagnosed with lung cancer.”

Dr. Fareeha Siddiqui, a lung cancer oncologist, from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Scripps speaks with a group of lung cancer patients in a casual setting.

She explains in simple language why old paradigm one size fits all medicine has been superseded with a genetically personalised approach. You will learn more from this video, than you could ever learn in the consulting room it is like a having 16 minute consultation with a specialist.

Take away message: The addition of genomic diagnostics and targeted treatments in cancer medicine, means past survival statistics are no longer valid!