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The Grace Gawler Institute“The Grace Gawler Institute offers you guided and coordinated access to some of Australia’s most advanced cancer therapies and treatments,” says Grace Gawler, author, cancer patient advocate, cancer navigator and nutritional adviser, with 46 years cancer support experience. The Grace Gawler Institute is an independent, not-for-profit that can provide patients with un-biased guidance.

A citizen scientist & pioneer of supportive care cancer medicine, Grace co-founded Australia’s first cancer support groups. Her patient advocacy in Australia & New Zealand saw Grace receiving the inaugural Rotary International Jean Harris Award for services towards advancing the role of women in society; the highest honour Rotary bestows on a non-Rotarian. 

Grace’s experience as care giver, cancer patient & veteran of 28 complex surgeries underpins her unique approach to the art & science of supportive care cancer medicine.
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Whatever your cancer type, talk to Grace, our experienced cancer navigator today. A video consultation with Grace can be a life changing experience.
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