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Grace Gawler Welcome, I’m Grace Gawler: I’m most confident I can help you whatever your cancer type having devoted my life to helping people like you and have amassed considerable cancer experience.

With 40-yrs cancer experience, I’m regarded as a rare kind of cancer expert – this works very much to the patient’s advantage.

I am not employed by the medical systems but I work closely with them – a further advantage to my patients.

What’s more – I understand what it feels like to be without hope. I have had 22 colon surgeries – 6 were of necessity, overseas.

Where I have a broad knowledge of oncology, surgery and medicine, in general, the oncologists, surgeons and doctors I collaborate with, have little knowledge little about my area of Complementary Medicine.

Complementary Medicine is so named because it ‘complements’ conventional cancer medicine

My areas of expertise include cancer-specific naturopathy and herbal medicine and cancer-specific counselling & psychology (psycho-oncology) Click for my Bio

But it is more than this: my weekly radio show, Navigating the Cancer Maze, where I interview leading cancer researchers and doctors, not only provides uplifting educational interviews but it builds an ever expanding (global) practitioner network that is of enormous benefit to my patients.

This puts me in a unique position to help you, the patient, survive and thrive through any of the cancers listed on the drop down menu on this site.

I bridge both sides of cancer medicine, conventional & complementary.
Because I bridge both sides of cancer medicine, I attract many patients, who in desperation, after trying alternative medicine, have nowhere to go and no one to ask for advice.

Often fearing ridicule and shaming from doctors in the medical system they delay seeking help and therefore many exhibit advanced cancers only seen in third world countries. These patients are often failures of Dr Google non-personalized one-size-fits-all approaches – E.G. Henderson, Budwig, Gerson, Tollman, Wellness Warrior, to name but a few.

A more user friendly medical system for cancer patients is urgently required. For this reason I have built a network of cancer centres and doctors of excellence.

You can contact me here: