Cancer Type

Whatever your cancer type Grace Gawler can help you

Welcome, I’m Grace Gawler:

I look forward to helping you whatever your cancer type; even when your local hospital can’t help you anymore.

In fact that’s my specialty. I view your cancer through my wide-angle global lens which means I can suggest/guide you to a greater range of viable treatment opportunities. Happily a few of these treatments are now available here but ‘tucked away’ and not known to most.

These may include cell-based immunotherapy, genomic diagnostic testing, targeted treatments and other hi-tech therapies, often with less side effects… 

Global Cancer Treatments: During my 45-yrs cancer experience, I’ve built an Australia-wide and global medical network comprising some of the best minds in cancer.

Consequently, I can help most patients, regardless of cancer type, access innovative treatments via referrals to my  networks. I also provide coordination & management throughout the process.

As well; I support well-being & reduce side effects with science based coordinated nutritional support.

Our state-of-the-art cancer centres include Australia, Japan, Singapore, USA, Germany, Taiwan, Malaysia & more.