Cancer Ed

Cancer is complex!

If you run your mouse over Cancer Ed in the menu bar you will note 28 pages of information.

We hope these pages can help reduce the number of patients making ill-informed decisions leading to bad outcomes.

 It is important for patients and their families to understand the nature of cancer. This, we believe underpins all future decisions that will be made to achieve health restoration.

It will also help you to discern when a treatment option is valid or bogus. It will help you think critically and make informed decisions about your health restoration plan.

And yet – after 44 years at the Cancer Coalface – working very closely with 18+,000 patients, I’ve found most patients (& their naturopaths & integrative GPs) know very little about cancer.

understand-cancerMany patients would say they had spent months ‘researching’ on the Internet but after a consultation, I found most of their research was actually opinion, pseudoscience, misinformation, false facts’ & false claims.

Few patients ever quote scientifically validated medical research – instead they are more likely to ask my opinion of the latest fad cure or video which is ‘trending.’

This is not their fault but medical science is much more complex than the ‘research’ most patients conduct. What often happens is wishful thinking replaces critical thinking.

The truth about cancer is shown in advanced medical tests.

Many patients spent a fortune with integrative GPs and naturopaths. BUT – when I read their medical reports, their scans and x-rays – I see an alarming trend. Patients taking many supplements are doing worse than patients who take none. There are many new scientific papers indicating these findings.

I hope the following videos will help patients better understand the nature of cancer. They can be used in conjunction with the information on the supplements can cause cancer page concerning the inappropriate use of herbal and nutritional supplements.